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Dash Kit

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Has anyone tried adding one of these dash kits yet?


I'm thinking of adding the Black Cheerywood to my Ebony interior. I am wondering if it would look as good as the grey looking wood trim that my Limited Explorer had stock. I've installed a similar style faux wood set in my Dad's Mustang and it looked beautiful.


This brand has some great reviews plus I'm sure you could get it would be cheaper on EBay?


Post some pix if you got 'em! :rockon:

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I think this is an ugly color combo but you can get an idea of one version of this kit. Click on this link and peep picture 13: http://www.bdtrims.com/images/expls/index....ory=FRD¤tPic=12


$150 on EBay ($225 on their own site/$270 for real wood/fiber)



In my research I've found kits that vary from 7 pieces all the way up to 39 pieces. I guess you get what you pay for! I'm asking for the real carbon fiber version for my birthday and I'll definitely post pics when I get it sooner or later.


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