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MKX not yet serialized


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I got the same story from dealer when I ordered - and yes the supply is limited. My order timing was good and I got serialized within 2 days... Order date Mar 20, Expected delivery is week of Apr 30.


Others have waited longer esp if you want a NAV like I did....


Hopefully your timing will be good...

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Low and behold when the dealer and I started raising a fuss last week with the Ford D.O.M. by suggesting we'd go over his head to get this MKX serialized..bingo it was serialized the next day with the NAV system, looking at mid May production.


We did learn that MKX allocation is very tight for Canada but as you indicate things should ease up in June. We were told awareness of the MKX is urban US cities is in the 30% range..far too low and that most of the MKX shipments are going to urban USA in coordination with a heavily weighted media plan to boost awareness, trial and hopefully sales.

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