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Brake Rattle ??


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Greetings fellow earthlings :rockon:


I was wondering if any of you have experienced what I can only describe as a Brake rattle, or almost like a metal rubbing on metal sound. It seems to me like it could be those flimsy looking "Brake shields" that sit right behind the rotors. The problem is that it isn't a consitent thing so taking it to the dealer in the hopes that it will be doing it at the time the service guy takes it out is a hit or miss proposition.

Any insight ?



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Ok, well I took it in for the 10,000km service and had them look at that BRAKE squeal that I was getting. Turned out to be a back plate rubbing against the rotor. They re-adjusted it and now it's smooth as can be.

Also, had a problem with the daytime running lights not working. That was traced back to faulty wiring. Easy fix for that, but I was very un-amused by that. Kinda makes me wonder about the rest of the vehicle.

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