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Adding Steering Wheel Controls


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Hey everybody, I think this may be my 1st post on the forum, I'm a lurker. I wasn't able to find a definitive answer before doing my upgrades so I wanted to do a quick write-up with hopes of helping the next guy.

My wife's 07 SE had the single disc HU and no steering wheel controls. I put in an AVIC-Z110BT (w/ backup camera and headrest monitors for my little girl too) and she really wanted the steering wheel controls so...

I bought a wheel (ebay) and a PAC-SWI-PS (surely Metra's interface would work just as well I just got a good deal and it does all I need). My findings are that all the wires are in place in the clockspring assembly, it is truly a plug & play swap (with the interface and aftermarket HU of course). There are 2 wires on the factory radio harness you have to cut into for the interface and you can program the controls however you like.


It is worth noting however that, at least if you have a camel interior, an 07 airbag does not match an 08+ steering wheel. Doesn't look bad but I think I will order some SEM dye to color the airbag to match. I was nervous about the airbag removal but it was a piece of cake. I highly recommend alldatadiy.com for any diy automotive ventures - all the wiring diagrams, tsb's and repair procedures you need at one place where you can print them out.


I'm also going to be putting a pair of RE Audio 8s under the cargo floor (with plans of NOT raising the floor at all) so I'll post pics when complete.

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