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I use Griot's Garage products exclusively (except for my wheel sealant), I ordered around $800 worth of products from them for my new 2011 Sport. I got a couple Orbitals, loads of detailing tools, and nearly every fluid they make and I'm very happy with all of it. The paint sealant is great, but use more than one foam pad if you're applying with an orbital, the pads saturate quickly with that thin stuff and you'll end up with too much in the pad really fast. If you want to, follow it up with their Best of Show wax and you'll love your paint 10x more.

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Had anyone ever used their products? I became aware of them from a guy at work, he swears by their paint sealant. Just wondering if anyone on here has used their stuff. They have a pretty sweet selection of detailing products.




Been using Griot's on my 1997 BMW M3 for years and it looks like it should be in the showroom. Now I'm looking to get the an Edge Sport for the wife. I will definitely be using the same products when I get it.


I use Zymol wax tho, but the Griot's wax is pretty good too. I just find it easier to work with Zymol but that's just me...

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