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Driver side speaker


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I have a 2008 Edge Sel with the 6 disc radio with the 4 door speakers. when i listen to the radio low the driver side speaker sounds like it is blown. Is this a common problem that the dealer can fix under warranty or should i just upgrade the speakers, and will this void the warranty?

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Yes warranty-able, however you will just get another factory speaker. aftermarket you will get much better sound.


No it will not void any warranty.


Dealer may try and say that if you install something aftermarket it will void the warranty. There is a law against this (magnusson/moss act spelling may be off). It states that if the aftermarket accessory is not directly related to the issue they have to preform the warranty work.


So in your case they wont be able to warranty the speaker.

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Do this test to make sure that it's your speaker that's blown and not something else (like paper in the side pocket)


Audio Systems Without Navigation


Turn the Audio Control Module (ACM) on...this is your head-unit.

Operate the audio system in radio tuner (AM/FM) mode.

Press and hold preset buttons 3 and 6 for 3 seconds until the speaker walk-around test begins.

The display indicates each speaker as it is tested.

NOTE: If the speaker walk-around test is the only test required, this procedure can be stopped after Step 3 by turning the ACM off.


Before the speaker walk-around test is complete, carry out any of the following actions:


Preset Button Press Diagnostic Function Display Diagnostic Function Description

Press button: 1

Diagnostic Function: ACM Self-Test

Display: SELF TEST

Description: The ACM carries out a self-test. At the end of the self-test, the display either indicates SELF PASS or scrolls through any DTCs present. Note that the self-test may not indicate all DTCs that are present. If DTCs are suspected, retrieve continuous and on-demand DTCs using the scan tool.


Press Button 2

Diagnostic Function: View DTCs

Display: NO DTCS, or scrolls through DTCs

Description: The ACM displays any DTCs that are present. To scroll through the DTCs, press the TUNE UP button. If no DTCs are present, the display reads NO DTCS.


Press Button: 3

Diagnostic: AM/FM Antenna Signal Strength

Display: SIGNAL ###

Description: The ACM displays the AM/FM antenna signal strength. To run this test, the audio system should be in AM radio tuner mode before entering the ACM self-diagnostic mode.


Press Button: 4

Diagnostic: Software Levels


Description: The ACM displays software levels for various components of the audio system. Knowing the software levels may not aid diagnostics. Press the TUNE UP button to scroll through the software levels.


Press Button: 5

Diagnostic: Display Test

Display: DISPLAY TEST, then all segments illuminate All of the ACM segments illuminate.

Description: If the vehicle is equipped with an Front Display Interface Module (FDIM), the segments on the FDIM illuminate, rather than the ACM.


Press Button: 6

Diagnostic: Retrieve ACM Part Number


Description: The ACM displays the ACM part number, and various configuration levels. Press the TUNE UP button to scroll to the desired function.



To exit the self-diagnostic mode, turn the ACM off.


If you have navigation, it's the same but you can press the buttons that come up on the screen.

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