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Help With Bluetooth Streaming Audio


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I am very frustrated with the Bluetooth streaming audio. I have an iPhone 3g and listen to audiobooks. I listen to audiobooks during other activities so it is important that the Bluetooth audio picks up where I have stopped the phone.


It only works about 50% of the time. When it works it is flawless.


Does anyone have any tips about improving this sync?


My pairing with the phone section works 100% of the time. It is great.


Any tips would be much appreciated!

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Am scanning other posts...it seems some drivers think it is a problem with the iPhone?

Again, my "phone" pairing is working flawlessly, it is just streaming the audio that is the problem.


Am very interested to hear what drivers with iPhones are experiencing.

My iPhone connects OK as a phone but the iPhone doesn't realize it has an audio connection. That's why I have to go into the iPhone settings to click on the SYNC bluetooth connection.

If you have bluetooth audio connected, you will see a Bluetooth icon on the right side of the volume slider of the itunes (or other) app.

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