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SYNC services is dialing the wrong number?

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I have had my 2011 Edge for about 2 weeks and all that time I have not been able to use the SYNC services like turn-by-turn directions, News, etc.. I do not have the full navigation option. Everytime I try it connects through my phone but I hear a message that says "...as a new owner you are eligible for 3 years of SYNC service. To activate the service register at www.syncmyride.com". One of the first things I did when I bought this vehicle was get an account at that site. So for two weeks I have had an account but everytime I try to access the services in the car it tells me to register for an account first. Today I finally started an online help chat session on the syncmyride website. after some trouble shooting the customer service person asked me what number the system was dialing through my phone. I went out to my car, tried again, and then checked my call history to see that the system was calling 800-307-4402. The rep said that is the wrong number. She said it should be dialing 800-304-6099 and that I should take it back to the dealer for them to re-program SYNC to dial the correct number. Has anyone else had this issue? I called the dealer and the service guy had no idea what I was talking about which didn't give me a lot of confidnce that he knows how to fix it. I have a feeling that they will just re-install the firmware and hope that fixes it.


Check your call logs on your phone. What number is your SYNC dialing?


I hate the fact that I will need to drop the vehicle off at the dealer for this problem. This will be the second time that this new car has gone in for service in the first month. The first was a bad power steering pump that took 3 days to repair (detailed on another post).


Anyone have any suggestions on how to get the SYNC system to dial a different number.

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Yeah, this has been happening to me for about a month. Services dials 800 307 4402 in my car. The folks on the help line tell you to take it to the dealership to reflash, but the dealership has no clue what to do. I have figured out that if you hit the service button(or say "serivces") and then put that call on hold and dial the correct number (800 304-6099) you can trick the system into working, but it will only work for as long as the commercial that plays when you hit the services button...Usually I can get 1 traffic report in, or 1 directions..Of course if you want horoscopes, sports scores or news, you can just call the 304 number like any other number...you only need to trick the system when you want to use the vehicle's GPS. I saved the correct number on my phone as "service" so if I can just say "service" to get the non GPS services stuff.


This has really been a pain in the butt...


I have the SEL 201 rapid spec (non leather seats with my touch) You?

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