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keeping the sync system using aftermarket DVD player

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yes, but why bother if the dvd has bluetooth? first you need to make sure your new radio has an aux input. then you need the special harness that costs about 200 or more.


If you new radio has bluetooth just get an ipod adaptor for it. and then you can get a cheaper harness. All sync is is bluetooth and ipod/usb.

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isoprem, what dvd are you going to install?


The reason i ask, thre is a harness to obtain the sync. However to make it work you need a dvd with an aux. input.


here is the harness: http://www.pac-audio.com/productDetails.aspx?ProductId=919&CategoryID=26


it costs $250.


This is why its a better deal just to invest in a radio with the bluetooth, and ipod since that is what sync really is. Not to mention you get a radio with it, then you control it all through that.With this you will have a control module that you do the sync functions through.


I you have the basic radio in the 09 its an easy swap. the harness is only like 15-20 then. dashkit, and antenna adaptor. about 50 or so for all

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