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Heat/Vent issues


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I have a 07 ford edge and im having a problem with the heat only comming out of the passenger side. I put the heat on 90 on both zones and all i get out of the driver side is cool air and 90deg out of the passenger side..ANY IDEAS?


Hi mhollis. :D Due to a problem with the coolant, heater core and heater core welds/connections causing blockages in the heater core, there is a Warranty extension covering the heater core of certain model year Edge's/MKX's. This problem leads to a reduced or no heat situation. It sounds as though this may address your issue.


I believe the Warranty was extended to something like 6 years/105,000 miles (not exactly sure). It has actually been covered here in the past, so if you do a site search (or Google "Edge heater core warranty extension") you should be able to come up with some links.


Contact your Dealer, inquire as to whether your Edge is covered under this Warranty Extension and make a service appointment.


Let us know how you make out.


Good luck. :beerchug:

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