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Early Headlight Failure

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Hello, we purchased a Ford Edge in February this year, and finding the stock headlights to be weak, I upgraded the low beams to a set of Candlepower.com H9 65w Narva bulbs. I was very satisfied with their performance. I was forced to lower the aim of the lights due to oncoming drivers "flashing" me. Still, they were great..until last night.


I had driven to work in daylight, so the lights did not switch on. The Edge has the daytime running lights, which is a pulsing voltage applied to the headlight low beams that produces a dimmer beam than the standard low beam. When I came out to the Edge to drive home, I had no headlight low beams. Fog lights work, high beams work, no low beams. A check of the two fuses for the low beams shows them to be good.


So today I set about troubleshooting the lights. I found out both H9 bulbs had blown out. It is not noticeable by visual observation, but using a multimeter found both bulbs had opened. Replaced them with the OEM bulbs I had removed, and I have headlights again.


Anyone else have this happen?

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These brighter whiter halogen don’t have the life expectancy of the standard halogens.


We’ve had to replace a couple of SilverStar’s (BMW and F250).

Not in the MKX, I installed HID’s before the SilverStar’s failed.


It is unusual to see both going at the same time, but if yours are that much hotter then the sudden surge when the first one went out probably took out the second.



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