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"Escaped" to the "Edge"


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Well, my wife decided to trade in the Escape this past week. After a lot of research and many test drives, she decided on the Edge. I stayed out of the decision making process until we got to the negotiating. The funny part was they gave her the X-Plan pricing because of where she works...(she works for a large non-profit here in the Springs) I had no idea she qualified.


I drove it for the first time a couple of days ago and I'm very impressed. By far the nicest riding Ford I've ever been in. Quiet, smooth, and very sharp looking.


Dune Pearl Metallic w/Camel Leather. Options: AWD, Sirius, Navigation/Audiofile, Seating Flex Package, Reverse Sensing, 18" Chrome wheels, and the Vista Roof. Our girls love the wide open roof.


Ford's got a hit with this vehicle. Let's all hope they keep it up...new vehicles and improved quality. I'm a loyal Ford owner for the past 20 years and couldn't be happier with this Edge.





'01 Bullitt Mustang

'05 Sport Trac

'07 Edge


Here's a few pictures:





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Congratulations on your new Edge!!!!


My wife and I got one this week. I think it's the same as yours, but in Black (obviously, my wife thinks I'll be able to keep it clean!).


We're loving ours....





Haaaa, my wife expects hers to be clean....especially on Saturday mornings!!! Well, it's either cleaning the house or her Edge...I'll clean the Edge every time!!!

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