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cold air/hot air

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Have a newly purchased 2007 edge (used) AWD. Does not have climate control. Driver's side blows cold air dash, floor, defroster. Passenger side blows warm/hot air all places.

Any thoughts or ideas? Is there an internal door that is broken or stuck?


Hi cr2k. :D All Edge's have "climate control" (that just refers to an air conditioning system). I assume you mean your Edge does not have the automatic climate control system (EATC)?


Anyway. there are multiple possibilities. Yes, there could be a stuck air direction door. However, one major possibility is an issue that occurred with some Edge's concerning a coolant/heater core issue that can lead to plugged coolant lines in the heating systems. There is a TSB (Technical Service Bulletin) and an extended warranty on Edge heater cores due to this issue. My advice would be to bring your Edge in for service and ask them about the heater core issue.


Keep us updated.


Good luck. :beerchug:

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