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Remote Start???

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Hey all, new to the forum I just bought a used 2008 Limited after looking over the engine bay I noticed a sticker on the intake cover that says this vehicle equipped with remote starter. None of the keys I received with car has a start button. The sticker matches the rest of the decals is this factory installed?

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Aftermarket remote starts come with a sticket that the installer or owner of the vehicle are suppose to place somewhere in the engine area. The only way to tell if anything is still in the vehicle is to try and look around the steering column (this is where they usually are), under the drivers side of the dash.


If you find it you will need to get the make and model number of it and then you should be able to find a replacement remote.


It could be a factory, or a dealer installed "factory" (usually this is a code alarm), or an aftermarket. Or it was just removed when the previous owner got rid of the vehicle.

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Try to get the build sheet or the original sale documents to see if it is a factory installed option or a dealer installed Ford option. If it is either of these it is most likely it is still there since they are very difficult to remove. and it should be possible to get another "key". If it is an after-market one I dont know anything about them.

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