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adding awd to 2008 sel


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I would think its more costly than just getting a new or different vehicle all together. Providing you can find a wrecked AWD Edge, and get the parts cheap enough, you would have to pay for the labor to swap in the front assembly, as well as all the wheel sensors, and their associated wiring looms, and the computer to run it all. This is assuming that the FWD and AWD share the same basic trans. If they dont youll be pulling and swapping in a trans as well. Seems youd be better off selling what you have and just paying the difference for an AWD. Of course, if you like projects, have the time, space and tools, and you can be without your edge for awhile while you figure it out and work on the change, then go for it. That would make a great project to photo-document here on the forum!

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have a 2008 sel fwd and was wondering what i would have to do to add awd to it. fwd is a little rough in snow and live in ny so we get decent amount of snow each year.


thanks for any info. i know it can be done but really lost as how to go about it.


Way too many parts not to mention the PCM would have to be reflashed and then your PCM code won't match the VIN.


You'd be better off swapping for a used one.

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