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Reverse Light Bulb Upgrade

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On my 2008 Edge Limited I am wanting to get brighter bulbs to replace my reverse lights. I have been thinking LED is the route to go, but not sure how that works.


If I buy the LED bulb, does it just plug into the same place as the stock bulb or do I need any type of adapter?


Also, what are the brightest standard bulbs I can get for my headlights and fog lights? Wanting to upgrade those as well possibly. Not sure I want to go with an HID conversion at this point though.

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Same issue. I'm reading that the LEDs are not good for our needs - the reflective properties of the lamp assembly don't work well with LED bulbs. I have not found a bulb with greater lumens or higher wattage with the same base. Some owners have put fog lamp bulbs and sockets in the back-up lamp housing, but that seems like overkill. Search for high power bulbs with your bulb number (Mine is a 921) and see what others have tried. Most that spent big bucks for LEDs are dissapointed.


Report back if you find a solution.

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i think the reasons why people arent impressed with the LED's is because they buy the straight on LED's. From personal experience you need the SMD led's that are all the way around every which way. Most of the light is reflected off the tail light so having a light that just shines straight on like these




wont really do much

now i think these will do more damage





some of you may already know this but its my 2 cents.

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