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Installing Power Driver's Seat

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Our new 2011 Edge SE came with a mechanical driver seat adjustment which seemed to work effectively to get my 5'1" spouse in a good seating position during the test drive. Now that we bought the vehicle, she finds that the lack of adjustment in seat angle is keeping her from finding a comfortable position. Has anyone had their mechanical seat replaced with a 6-way power seat? The dealer seems to be clueless as to whether this is possible.

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Look under the seat and see if there are some connectors that are not plugged into anything.


Visual inspection shows that there is a fairly large wire bundle that comes up from beneath the carpet and enters a black plastic housing affixed to the underside of the driver's seat. The bundle is shrouded by a plastic conduit so it is difficult to determine the number of wires contained therein. There are no connectors visible. Since the seat adjustment is all manual, and the car does not have heated seats, the only reason I can imagine that there are wires there would be to assess seat occupancy for seatbelt and airbag safety interlock.

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