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hey all, I'm about to pick up my 08 edge limited but I'm reading about all types of little issues that worry me (weak AC / PTU). should this stop me from the vehicle? I'm really worried now that I'm going to buy it and spend most of my time in the shop or unhappy.


has anyone tried any replacement air vents (if they exist could someone post a link?) so the AC can be directed better or have a stronger flow

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I was so disgusted by the weak air flow that I was about to trade the car in. But then I was told about the in cabin air filter that is located behind the glovebox. I took the glove box out and pulled the filter out and it was completely caked up. I used an air compressor, and even that took some effort, but once it was cleaned out, it was like magic! The air flow quadrupled, and it didn't cost me a cent. Definitely worth a check! I have never had to change or clean one of these in any vehicle before, so it was a surprise. That's another reason the glove box door seems to make a difference because the blower is behind it.

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