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Picking Up My 2011 Edge LTD AWD today!


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Bordeaux red/stone 302A with 20" wheels & trailer towing. Purchased it via Xplan which worked out great. Ordered 01/17/2011. Previous vehicle was a 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland. Looking forward to a more comfortable quieter ride and better gas mileage. Very stress-free transaction. Last Ford product I owned was 1996 and that was not a good experience. As for now I figured since I owned the stock I might as well try the product.

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Well we've had it a week now and so far we are fairly impressed. It's the wife's car (I have a 2010 CTS AWD) and she like it a lot. Her previous vehicle was a 2007 Grand Cherokee Overland with the Hemi 5.7. The Edge rides much nicer, much quieter and the seats are very comfortable. Entry into the back seat is much easier and there also seems to be more room. The electronic gadgets are impressive and fairly easy to master. The auto-cruise is a beautiful thing as well as the collision avoidance. Mileage is 17MPG suburban driving where the Jeep would be averaging 12 (if we were lucky). The vehicle seems bigger than the Jeep only because it is a bit wider but Edge is a bit shorter. Brakes are strong and the steering is pretty responsive. Looking forward to a road trip. Overall we give it an A!.

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