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  1. All of the info you have is incorrect. You can use turn by turn directions as much as you want. Its totally free of charge on most vehicles for 3 years. The 20 free calls your refering to is the operator assisted calls. You get 20 for each year for a total of 60 for 3 years.
  2. You push the voice button and say services. When you get to services say directions. At that point say web point or help and it will give you all the commands. You do not need any data plans to do this. all you need is a active sync account and a paired phone. Ford servired there ties with google about 6 to 8 month ago.
  3. All vehicles are covered by the TSB. That is why the dealers updated every vehicle on the lot. All you have to do is play the game and tell them your having phone issues or turn by turn directions is not working right. Ford doesent want to do a major recall. Read the TSB it covers many items and also says System Preformance which is all inclusive. Had my 2011 edge done last week and wifes 2013 escape a few days later. Both had nav which was replaced.
  4. The reason is it is not compatible with the MyFord Touch system. There are no extra controls. Applink only works with some Sync equipped vehicles that have the specific software
  5. There is a new update out there. It has to be done by the dealer at this point in time. The new version is 3.5 and if you have Navigation the SD Card has to be replaced. It was released 2 days ago. It is not public knowledge at this point.
  6. ladybird4

    fuel gauge problem

    The info is still there but you have to change your settings to see it. If you go into settings and find Trip Odomitor settings it has to be changed from normal to Enhanced. Once you change it you will see additional info in the Trip 1 7 Trip 2. Hope this helps.
  7. Should be very easy to fix. The setting needs to be changed. You can assess it on the left screen on the dash display. Its under settings and then under vehicle i believe. What it is doing is by design. It is for safety so someone cannot jump in the passenger side while your wife is getting in the drivers side. But you can change it even though i wouldn't.
  8. ladybird4

    MyFord Touch V3.2

    No apps are available to download. The button that says apps is to do upgrades at this point. Yes 3.2 is the latest version. Dealer may or may not do the install based on what you tell them. If you are having problems they may check oasis and see the update and do it. The download is on your Sync My Ride sight. You can download it yourself to a flash drive and install it yourself. Directions are on the Sync sight and it takes about 45 minutes.
  9. ladybird4

    MyFord Touch V3.2

    I have a case number. I will follow up with Ford next week and report back on what they say.
  10. ladybird4

    MyFord Touch V3.2

    Health Report does not work either. I have the same problem on my 2011 edge with NAV. I work for a Ford Dealer as a Sync Specialist. I talked to several people at the dealer hot line for employees only and they could not help. It has since bee turned over to a higher department. I did 3 updates last week on customer cars. A 2012 Edge and a 2012Explorer and both of those went fine and i was able to report the install and the SYNC account was updated. Tried to do the same on my wifes 2013 escape Titanium and the install hung up part of the way through the install. As a procaution i took it to Ford dealer and had them redo it. I was not able to use the USB drive as it kept coming up System had the latest update and installation stopped.
  11. You need to go into the blue tooth settings and find your sync. Highlight it and then look for options or settings and change the connect to setting to always connect. It will then auto connect. This settings is on a lot of phones. If you don't change it you will be asked each time to let sync connect.
  12. Here is the Escape forum web sight. Not as much action as the Edge form as the car is new. Hope this helps. I monitor both sights as i have both an new Escape and Edge. . http://www.blueovalforums.com/forums/index.php?app=core&module=search&do=viewNewContent&search_app=forums
  13. My 2011 edge limiter listed out at 41,888 the escape listed out at around 35,300. Both cars are fully loaded. Also both cars have things the other does not have. It,s comparing apples to oranges. Also all escapes are being built in Kentucky as of right now. Can,t see ford importing a car from South Korea that they see so many of. I dont see where it would be cheaper.
  14. ladybird4

    Activate Sync Owner account?

    I'm not sure what you are saying is working and what you are afraid of losing. Setting up a sync account will not change anything. If you can push the voice button and say services and it dials into services and you can get directions, weather and traffic etc then you already have an account. The only thing that a sync owner account will do is allow you to get updates, get the vehicle health report and use services. If you are still confused the sync 800 number can tell you if an account is set up. An account is set up using your e-mail address and phone number. once it is set up it is then associated with the phone number and not the car.
  15. The drive is about the same in both vehicles. I also went from a 2008 edge to a 2011 edge and the two cars were totally different in ride and quietness. I am very comfortable in the escape but am more so in the larger edge, On a real long trip i would prefer the edge. At your size and weight i think you would be fine with the seat all the way back but not sure if you would be as comfy in the escape. All depends on how much driving you do. We have only had the escape for 3 weeks and have not done enough highway driving. You will be happy with either vehicle as far as ride, quietness, and handling. Total room inside is the only question. Make sure you drive the Titanium as the seats in it are different and the all leather is different. If you have any more questions let me know.