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I am a new member. I have about 5,000 miles on my 2011 edge limited. It has been sitting since Saturday night; went out to start this morning and the battery was completely drained. I am aware that this topic has been discussed. I got rid of a bmw prior to the edge for having similar issues. Maybe its a gremlin in my garage since so far,the dealership cannot detect a problem.

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Have your dealer give you a new battery, and check out the charging system. Years ago, I had a Taurus, that had the battery go completely dead within 2 months, and that was a car that was used every day ! Got a new battery, and had no more problems. If you suspect gremlins in your garage, go to Home Depot and get the spray called Gremlin-Rid, eliminates those pesky critters :wacko: .

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