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Purchasing two new vehicles from Ford

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We are looking at possibly purchasing two new vehicles at the same time from Ford. With our two trade-in's (which are paid off) we can pay in full for the 2011 Edge and have some money for a down payment on a 2011 Explorer. As for pricing, we have the Zag pricing through USAA which comes out to below invoice. We also ordered the brochures in hopes of receiving the $750 coupon. I am trying to figure out what else we can do price wise since we would be buying two new cars. One of the things I am thinking about asking for is for the dealer to throw in the ESP on both of the cars as an incentive for buying both at once. Shopping online I can get the premium care 84 month/125,000 mile warranty for $1,804. I don't know how much the dealer actually pays for this ESP plan. Do you think this would be too much to ask for or am I pushing my luck?


This is the first time we have even considered buying two new vehicles at the same time from the same dealer so this is new territory. I would think the prospect of getting two sales at once by a dealership would be very appealing. Has anyone else out there ever bought two vehicles at once? Any advice? Thanks!

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We purchased a 2011 Edge Sport, Then ordered an Explorer which we just took delivery on. We got a fabulous deal on the Edge, and a good deal on the Ex, but since both vehicles are moving so well, they wouldn't do anything else for us. With that said, it never hurts to ask and check multiple dealers. Hell, lie to them and say dealer a is offering this, dealer b is offering this, what would you offer for our two purchases....



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We ended up buying a 20111 Edge and Explorer and ran into the same thing. Got a great deal on the Edge and a pretty good deal on the Explorer. We got USAA/Zag/X-Plan pricing on the Edge with no hassles. As for the Explorer, they told me if it was on their lot thay would sell it to me for sticker/MSRP since they were selling so well. They said they were willing to order me one for the X-Plan pricing and offered to give us a vehicle to drive until it comes in at the dealers expense. They got a white Explorer Limited that was fully loaded in the dealer while we were looking. We looked at it and liked it, but told them I wasn't willing to pay MSRP and would rather wait and order one then pay $5K above the x-plan pricing. In the end, they offered me $500 above the x-plan pricing on that vehicle and gave me $500 more on one of my trades if I bought both cars the same day. None of the dealers I tried were willing to throw any kind of ESP in for buying two cars at once. It seems the dealers are not willing to cut into their factory holdbacks they get from Ford no matter how many vehicles you purchase. We tried multiple dealers in multiple states.

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