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Plastidip chrome grill


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Seriously thinking about blacking out the grill on my edge. Interested in input and pics. If anyone has any.


I did my last car's grille (Volvo 850) in Plastidip. It's been 3-4 years without a single chip. Cleans real easily too. I treat it rough with brushes etc too.


Thing about Plastidip, to do it right you should scuff up the surface with sandpaper first. It will help adhesion. Then, about 3 coats. Make the 1st one light.


If you want another alternative, go with 3M Scotchprint 1080 matte black vinyl. I just ordered 2 - 1'x5' sections for about 45 dollars shipped from eBay to wrap the grille. Main benefit to me is the ability to remove and go back to chrome easily.

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