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Used MKX information

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I'm new to the forum and am contemplating a used MKX purchase (2007-2010 range). Just a few questions:


1) Are there any significant differences between the 2007-2010 model years? Was there a mid-cycle refresh?


2) Were HID headlights available? All the ones I've seen are halogen.


3) Was the Sync system standard?


4) Any problems to watch out for except the brake booster on the 2007s and the PTU seal leaks?




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I'l answer the bit I know - hopefully someone can shed more light on other questions. I purchased a '07 MKX so I can tell you a few things from my perspective.


The changes between 07 and latter years include;

1) Sync didn't start until '08 & it's standard from that point on from ny knowledge.

2) Differences to the navigation unit from year to year. For example my 07 w/o Sync has an iPod input but no controls available at the headunit. They get better each year.

3) Interior modifications past 07 include better looking seat trim, change in the color of the interior switches, a handle above the passenger door (drives my wife nuts that it's missing from ours), hooks in the cargo area, and the blind spot mirrors (not sure what year that started).

4) Exterior modifications past 07 include the Lincoln badge on the front fenders, chrome door handles, and the ability to get 20" rims.


To my knowledge HID's are available on some models but I do not know which/how to get. The reason I know they had them was I've seen them for sale on e-bay & I was looking at swapping mine out.


I have FWD so the PTU isn't an issue to me. The only other issue I've had is a few months ago the ingnition switch locked up and the key wouldn't turn. Had to be towed in and switch replaced. I also stayed away from the panoramic roof because of some of the issues I've read. Most people love them though it seems. I personally don't care so it worked out for me.


Personally if you're looking for the first gen styling I would recommend starting at '08. Oh, and if you want the cargo management system then get it with the vehicle. I thought since it was only a $65 option that it would be cheap to add on since mine didn't have. Nope. It's expensive to add on after the fact.


Best of luck!

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