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  1. Hey - may I ask if your replacement grill piece (w/o holes for the tag bracket) came painted in tuxedo black? If so, where did you buy it? Thanks!

  2. Thx for your post, I have 33 years experience as a truck and RV Technician. My vehicle is a 2011 and the area in question are NOT drains or "weep" holes. They are simple folds in the sheet metal on the leading edge of the inner door skin. As I stated,this area is completely exposed to outside water sources because it is UNDER the door's seal system and therfore water collects in that little crevice and rust develops there. Maybe the 2010 door construction is different, And I wish you luck in solving your problem. My solution works and I highly recommend sealing the area if you have a 2011 sport model.... Edit Carefully look at the pictures I posted, see those small neat SQUARE holes at the door bottoms?? THOSE are your weep/drain holes!
  3. Love it so far, I made some improvements, see my sig.... the only problem I had was the nav system cut out once, I disconnected the battery for 30 minutes and it's been fine ever since. I think the cars have so many computers and electronics, it's probably a Good idea to re boot your car a couple times a year, oh and I did not loose my stations or seat memory either, which I expected, but didn't happen. I have 2.4 ver BTW... I get a lot of looks and compliments in this vehicle! Bought it on new years eve....
  4. Maybe I don't understand what you posted, but wouldn't that produce possible blinding reflections to other drivers'???:wacko:
  5. Interesting... I like the unique badgeing, not sure on the blue leds....
  6. Got my first free oil change.... I will be doing my own from here on out............................ I hate dealers Anyways, the reason I,m updating this thread is, I dis-connected the battery to re boot everything and guess what?? Nav works again! Plan on doing my own updates from now on as well...:happy feet:
  7. I guess I can't help you guys because you don't list your location
  8. It is definitely not some sort of drain... just the bottom edge sheet metal foled cver in the corner. That area is not protected from the elements, so water will collect in that small space, therefore cause rusting, I advise all owners to clean then seal that little open corner with silicone, I went one step further and added a seal to dress up the area, here are some pics... seals added to underside of doors, completely seals sill area when door is closed, can't see seal unless you get down there and look. They are inset about 3/8 of an inch...stays so much cleaner down there!! Sorry crappy photos, think I'm buying a Nikon SLR tonight!!!
  9. I agree, It stands out too much, especially on black sport grill. That's why I am going to vht nite shades it, then clear coat.... on my to do list....:shades:
  10. lol... you even sound like steve carell......
  11. Maybe a mod on here can move this to the appropriate section??
  12. Hey, Thanks a lot....good info, as I plan on converting as much as I can to led's......:yup:
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