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  1. DRIGROB70

    Want 20x8 chrome clad Rim

    I still have one. SOLD
  2. DRIGROB70

    Need 2013 edge 20 " chrome wheel oem

    I have one 20", no blemishes or scratches. SOLD
  3. DRIGROB70

    FS- 20" Chrome Clad Wheel

    I have one 20" Chrome Clad Wheel from Edge Limited. Perfect condition, no blemishes, $285.00 plus shipping. Reply to ISLY1963@aol.com if interested.
  4. DRIGROB70

    Replacement rim for 2013 edge limited

    One wheel in perfect shape, $285 plus shipping SOLD
  5. DRIGROB70

    Replacement rim for 2013 edge limited

    What size? If 20", I have 2 available with no blemishes or scratches. SOLD
  6. DRIGROB70

    Want 20x8 chrome clad Rim

    I have 20" unblemished rim from 2011 Edge Limited, actually (2), picture available. Shipping from Oh to Hawaii might be costly. Tell me you zip code & I will check shipping. Cost of wheel is $275 plus shiping. SOLD
  7. DRIGROB70

    20" Chrome Clad Wheels (2)

    Have 2 for sale. Came off 2011 Edge Limited with only 65 miles. No blemishes. Priced @ $275 each plus shipping. I am in southern Ohio. Contact me for pictures. E-mail: ISLY1963@aol.com
  8. DRIGROB70

    20" Edge Wheels vs. 20" Explorer Wheels

    I sent you a PM about your damaged wheel.
  9. I have used Husky floorliners in my last four cars & two trucks. Never wear out & easy to clean. Expensive but well worth it.
  10. If you do, I have 2 almost new 20" Chrome Clad wheels without TPMS. Approx 200 miles on them when replaced. You can buy one or both plus shipping. Send me PM. $250 each. Pictures upon request.
  11. DRIGROB70

    Brand new 20s wheels 4 sale

    Just sent you a PM about wheels
  12. DRIGROB70

    Wheel Locks

    Where did you buy your Gorilla Locks?
  13. I ordered the Husky Liners for my 2011 Edge. Weathertech is made by the same company. I have Weathertech in my 2010 Lacrosse, they are fine with fit. The Husky liners seem to wear much better. I have them in my company vehicle & my neighbor has had them in a vehicle since 2001 & they look new.
  14. DRIGROB70

    Jean stains on seats

    I had same problem with wife's car. 2010 Buick Lacrosse with light colored interior. I used Meguiars leather cleaner & conditioner on the seats & they came clean without a problem. I use it 2 or 3 times a year to keep her car looking new. My brother works for the company that makes magic eraser & I asked him about use on leather. He said it was NOT a good idea. Her light colored interior is the reason my new Edge has Charcoal interior
  15. DRIGROB70

    For Sale- 2011 OEM All Weather Mats Black

    I bought a new 2011 Edge Limited last week & the all weather Ford mats were included in the deal. They are black and used for one day only. I always buy Husky Liners for the front, back & cargo area therefore I have no need for the Ford All Weather Mats. The Husky liners for the edge cost about $175.00 for the set, but I have them in my other vehicle plus my company car. If you are interested, let me know. They are for 2011 model