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  1. Lightly tap the top of the mirror were it attaches to the windshield. It is not fully seated. Just be carefull.
  2. druck52

    PTU Leak/Fill

    from what i can tell the pictures are not the PTU they are the transmission.
  3. The auto windows need to be reset. I believe the procedure is in the owners manual and you should be able to do it yourself.
  4. druck52

    New Member, Hope I can offer some help

    Just curious, are you a tech at a dealership. I see your in AZ, can I ask which dealership you work at.
  5. druck52

    Oil Consumption

    That is perfectly exceptable in Fords eyes as well. Sorry for the bad news.
  6. druck52

    Warranty Work?

    Only if the parking brake isn't working correctly.
  7. druck52

    20" wheels

    Ya you could get aftermarket wheels for not to expensive, or possibly buy one on ebay or craigslist. Also just so everyone knows you don't pay the 250 core charge, unless you don't turn the old wheel back in.
  8. druck52

    Snow Chains

    I don't think you need to worry about snow next weekend. Also why would you need the chains on an AWD?
  9. druck52

    20" wheels

    There is now a core charge on all wheels that ford sells. They do not send them back for testing, but they do send them back. I'm not sure what the reason is for this, but its been that way for about the last year.
  10. druck52

    Brake Booster bad

    I'm glad they fixed the problem. I have a question though. Are you sure that the master cylinder wasn't leaking into the booster? A master cylinder can leak, but it would loose fluid externally and internally. A seal in the master can go bad and cause a sinking pedal, but not a loss of fluid. The only way to loose fluid like you said is to have an external leak. You said that they told you the master cylinder is putting pressure on the calipers and this may have damaged them. This is how a caliper works, This could damage pads and rotors but not the calipers. Maybe you just misunderstood what they were saying, or they are wrong. I would ask for more information.
  11. druck52

    Do I have an external Temp display?

    You are correct. Fords do not use the IAT sensor. They have a seperate sensor for the ext temp.
  12. druck52

    Trans Fluid/PTU Fluid ?

    No they are not the same fluid. The PTU has its own fluid. However a PTU leak could be either trans fluiid or gear oil. If its trans fluid then you can keep an eye on it. Best thing to do would be look under the vehicle and see if there is a leak.
  13. druck52

    Heating Problems

    I have already posted on this in a seperate post, but there is a special tool from ford and no this is not a simple drain and fill or flush procedure. this is much much more involve and will take a couple of hours.
  14. druck52

    Vibration in Gas pedal

    I'm not sure what might cause a vibration in the gas pedal as there is no physical connection between the pedal and the engine. the pedal only sends an electric signal to the pcm and the pcm controls the throttle motor. I'm not sure what the pedal assembly is bolted too, but it would have to whatever it is bolted to that is causing the vibration.
  15. druck52

    Brakes "hissing"

    Needing a brake job would have nothing to do with his symptoms. If he has a hissing sound and a hard pedal, the only thing that can cause that is a vacuum leak. to me it sounds like the booster is leaking.