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  1. jtclark

    Dead camera on my 2011

    The calibration threw an error... away from my notes but I think it was B115E. Not sure if I can fix it with FORScan but it looks like it maybe possible. There's also a chance I have something else keeping the calibration from completing. Right now I have fixed guidelines in reverse but no blocks. I'll try to work on it a bit more tonight.
  2. jtclark

    Dead camera on my 2011

    Sorry, I should have taken pictures, but it's externally identical. The retaining bracket fit perfectly.
  3. jtclark

    Dead camera on my 2011

    I just installed a F2GZ-19G490-A tonight (2016 model) on my 2011 Edge. I paid $82 for mine from Levittown. It looks identical and fired right up the first time it was supposed to where the old one was hit or miss. I still need to recalibrate it tomorrow but the backup guides came on when I put the car in reverse. So far so good...
  4. Mine just recently developed this issue at 70K miles. Service Bulletin No.: ASI-44308 Component(s): STEERING NHTSA ID Number: 10054565 Vehicle MakeModelModel Year(s) FORDEDGE 2008-2013 LINCOLN MKX 2008-2013 Manufacturer: Ford Motor Company SUMMARY: FORD/LINCOLN: THE BANJO FITTING THAT IS ATTACHING PRESSURE HOSE TO STEERING GEAR IS EXPERIENCING A POWER STEERING FLUID LEAKAGE. MODEL 2008-2013 EDGE, MKX. *PE
  5. jtclark

    MyFord Touch version 3.6

    3.6 is available for download.
  6. jtclark

    MyFord Touch version 3.6

    They've gotten more of the new website up. Looks like the update is getting closer.
  7. The PDF recommends a Master Reset before installing. I did not lose my Sirius presets. And yes, it is 3.5.1.
  8. jtclark

    MyFord Touch V3.2

    Turn off Autoplay.
  9. I had the Draw-Tite installed, Draw-Tite Hitch for Ford Edge Sport by America's Truck & Hitch in Canton, GA. They did a nice job with no cutting except for trimming two heat shields as per the Draw-Tite guide. Since it is at the bottom of the fascia it does hang a bit low but makes for a clean installation. I'll try to post some photos later.