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  1. FR200FOCUS

    My wheel

    Ouch what happened? Plasti-Dip?
  2. FR200FOCUS


    Duh you didn’t know stickers give you horsepower? Well that’s a vinyl decal so its officially double to the crank.
  3. FR200FOCUS


    Thanks Xtra looks like we have the same taste ? I just needed a used Gen 1 to complete the picture. Sadly those are getting tougher to find on dealer lots. Making mine look like the old man in the room lol.
  4. FR200FOCUS


    Seeing that front in the rear view people would be wise to properly signal to the right and GET OUT OF THE WAY. Lol very sharp! I did the same blackout treatment . No chrome allowed ?
  5. FR200FOCUS


    I love the new stance and the black multi spoke wheel option. Kudos !
  6. FR200FOCUS


    I have the same H&Rs and they make a great difference. I hope you like them. Excellent work the truck looks superb!
  7. FR200FOCUS


    Three generations of the Edge model in order of succession from right to left. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity at the Ford dealer to back in and get that pic . Evolution at its finest!
  8. FR200FOCUS


    A really nice Ford family! ?