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  1. FR200FOCUS


    Awesome post!!!!! Gotta admit I had to try to see how far I could get with licking the whole elbow thing. Hope nobody saw me lol
  2. Crazy! Please tell me there is a happy ending to this sad story and the parts guy paid for the new arm assembly.
  3. FR200FOCUS

    Ford logo

    https://www.dmb.uk.com/search/Ford+gel Yields no ovals just RS badging and others of the like... to google we go!
  4. FR200FOCUS

    Ford logo

    A little late chiming in on this thread but the link to the UK website does not sell ford Gel logos anymore. I was excited to get some for my emblems and steering wheel logo and Ive searched their site only to come up with nothing. Maybe they discontinued them? Does anyone know another site to get these? They look OEM and Im happy to hear from you guys that they are easy to install. Thanks to anyone with suggestions
  5. FR200FOCUS

    2019 Ford Edge ST-Line (EU-Spec)

    Had to watch the video again but I just noticed. How strange! Then the ending shows the emblem back to normal. I wonder why they are badging it ST Line instead of just ST and the missing badge in the front grille. So far I like the American version better IMO.
  6. FR200FOCUS

    20180304 145738

    I think you could easily take the civic... heads up for pinks! Cool Pic
  7. FR200FOCUS

    Fastest Edge on 93 octane

    Youre car number 037 in the right lane right? Lol. Killer reaction time!
  8. FR200FOCUS

    IMG 1219

    sick setup! Def need to post a video of how this beast sounds!
  9. FR200FOCUS

    traction control OFF

    Traction control ... off. Electronic Stability Contol... off. Let the fun begin!
  10. FR200FOCUS

    73821BD4 9100 4A04 BD7C 3AEBAAA81A2D

    Thats insane!! Have you gotten it dynoed?
  11. FR200FOCUS

    2AC585B4 3039 4AB3 A732 A7C59FC90A44

    Great looking ride!!! Any suspension mods?
  12. FR200FOCUS

    5A70E3D5 FEA1 4C83 88B7 BCAF3599F37D

    Must have taken some big Kahunas to do that to the hood! Looks awesome. Is the scoop functional?
  13. FR200FOCUS

    24BBD2E2 401A 473E 847B 7EC3D0B5D60F

    Sick looking black five spokes! I was going to get a new set of 22s since the factory edge Sport wheels are too shiny for my taste. Ive removed every other piece of chrome imaginable. What brand wheels do you have?