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    Navigation Update

    If it's got Sync3 then right now you may not find an update for it, I know some have posted that they got an update through their dealer but according to my delaer he can't order it and the Ford site he goes on says they are working on it. If you have Sync2 that uses the SD Card then you can order on-line thru Ford for $149 or find them on e-bay for around $55. I've been e-mailing Ford IVT (In-Vehicle Technology) [sync@ford.com] and they say that the map update for Sync3 is not out yet, also that it will only be released as a dealer install. 4 vehicle years (2016-2019) on the Sync3 and still no updates for Navigation.
  3. FordGuy1

    2011 MyFord Touch Software Help

    redden18 - Thanks for all your Help, I've got the v3.10 update installed in my 2014 Taurus. jmr061 - The latest download from the Ford site now has "redden18" fix in the autoinstall.lst file. I'm still having a problem reporting the update back to Ford but that's usually a problem. Thanks for your Help added: I contacted Ford IVT (In-Vehicle Technology) [sync@ford.com] and they were able to update the Ford owner site for me to show my latest update.
  4. FordGuy1

    2011 MyFord Touch Software Help

    The vehicle that I'm talking about for this software is my 2014 Ford Taurus Limited which has Sync2 MFT presently at version v3.8 (15128). I have both vehicles listed under my profile. I've attached the autoinstall from the v3.10 software. autoinstall.txt
  5. FordGuy1

    A8 Question

    I purchased the A9 SD Card from e-bay and it does have the completed i485 loop around Charlotte, NC
  6. I'm on IOS12.0.1 on iPhone 7 and have Sync3 v3.0 with Nav. When I set up Carplay on vehicle and phone it works for Apple, Google, or Waze maps which is fine. When I restart the vehicle and reconnect the phone then Carplay doesn't start, the phone display for it's battery in upper right corner goes from green to white and then the phone vibrates, then this keeps repeating. I'm using the supplied Apple Lightning cable and have made sure that the phone setting allows Carplay and also USB connection without the USB locking. I've tried clearing out the settings in the vehicle and phone and restarted the Sync with the 2 button hold method, then reconnected and it sets up and works again until then next vehicle restart and phone reconnect. This problem was fixed by doing a "Master Reset" on the Sync3 system and reconnecting the iPhone to bluetooth and Carplay.
  7. FordGuy1

    2011 MyFord Touch Software Help

    Ford made Sync2 v3.10 available for download but when you download it and try to install it says it requires a dealer to install, on the Sync screen. I've contacted Ford IVT (In-Vehicle Technology) about this and they responded that they would get back to me but its been 2 weeks and no answer. Their response 2 weeks ago was: "This is being reviewed for you. Someone will reach out to you as soon as possible. However, it may be a good idea to have this installed at the Ford service center."
  8. FordGuy1

    Sync MFT USB MP3 Issue

    USB problem with 2014 Taurus on Sync2 MFT. I changed the "Removal Policy" on my USB's which would allow me to download songs to them quicker, which worked fine. When I tried them out in the 2014 Taurus which is Sync2 MFT they created an error which restarted Sync and would not work. I had to reset the "Removal Policy" from "Better Performance" to the "Quick Removal" setting and re-format the USB's to get them to work again.
  9. FordGuy1

    Strange message from radio

    So "TheWizard" your happy with functions in your vehicle disappearing, I'm not. Just how would you feel if that as soon as your vehicle warranty ran out that the manufacturers stopped your engine from running, after all that in today's vehicles could be just a piece of software that they no longer support. That would help them sell more vehicles. I have complained to Ford in Dearborn, Michigan about the address-destination removal, if no one complains the big corporations will just take more advantage of the customers. I also have read the legal disclaimers about change without notice, etc., that still doesn't make it alright to just delete things, just legal. I believe that the removal of the address-destinations and also the non implementation of app-link in Sync2 MFT fall under the false advertising since both were in Ford ads back when the vehicles were being sold but are no longer in the vehicles or in the case of app-link never were put in the vehicle as advertised. But that's what we seem to have to live with now since these companies are so big that they can do almost what they want. Have a nice day. edgemaster - I checked and I no longer have the owners manual PDF for the 2009 Mercury that I use to have, but if you look up the manual for your 2009 Edge there should be a section that tells how to turn off the Automatic Vehicle Health Report.
  10. FordGuy1

    Strange message from radio

    Go under settings and there is a selection to have it not run a Vehicle Health Report. Ford removed the server so that it can't be run anymore. It nice that a company can get away with removing functions from vehicles without having to give the customers back any money for the less service. One other service that I used a lot was the ability to select an address from my downloaded phone contacts and have it navigate to that address. Ford removed that in v3.7 software update without telling anybody in the update notes.
  11. enigma-2, The screen your describing is the Home screen that can be accessed by pressing the "Blue House" on the Top Left of the display. This will also be the screen that Sync3 goes to upon a forced restart by pressing the "Seek+Power" buttons together for a few seconds. Once you select a different display like the "Audio" or "Climate" then it should start back up in that display screen upon a restart of the vehicle. At least that's how my 2017 Edge works and I'm on software revision V3.0 which is the latest. Old Ray, you might want to talk to the dealer to see if they may have a setting with Forscan that can change it from the last screen recall to a forced navigation recall.
  12. The Sync3 that's in your 2018 sport should restart on the last menu screen that it was on when the vehicle was shut off. If your plugging in your phone before starting the vehicle then Apple Carplay or Android Auto maybe starting up in one of the phones maps. If that's the case and you don't won't Apple CarPlay or Android Auto then you can disable then in the Sync3 settings.
  13. FordGuy1

    Navigation Update

    baseball - You have Sync2 system in your 2015 sport, we have been talking about navigation update for Sync3 systems. The A9 SD card is selling on eBay for around $60 now. I was at my Ford dealer Tuesday and they said that the Ford site to get the navigation update is down and has been down for several weeks.
  14. I get Waze and Google Maps to work on Carplay and they look good. Problem is that when I reconnect the iPhone 7 after stopping and restarting the vehicle then Carplay doesn't start backup. The iPhone battery indicator goes from green to white then the phone vibrates and the battery indicator goes back to green. This keeps repeating but Carplay never starts. I tried rebooting the Sync3 system and reloading Carplay on the iPhone and vehicle, but same thing happens. I using the original iPhone USB cable. Anyone else having this problem or found a fix? This problem was fixed by doing a "Master Reset" on the Sync3 system and reconnecting the iPhone to bluetooth and Carplay.
  15. Waze and Google Maps are now on Apple Carplay with IOS12 and latest versions of Waze & Google Maps. When running Waze on AppLink the iPhone gets really hot since it leaves the display on, with Carplay it only gets a little warm since the display is not on.