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    Memory mirror not working properly

    I had this same problem except the mirror would try to keep going and it would click. Well it lasted a week or so and died. You could still manually move and it would shimmy and shake while moving, but the memory part didn't work it was on the passenger mirror. My 11 edge only has 33,000 miles on it though. I took it in and had to argue with the moron tech at the dealership and finally got him to replace it. Well it went in to get done and the moron broke the mirror glass. Needless to say it finally got fixed and works as it is supposed to. As some one else said it is the mirror motor that is the issue.
  2. 11edgelimited

    Well I most definitely didn't see this one coming

    Your story brought tears to my eyes! I to am an animal lover. As others have said you are an amazing person with a level head! I personally would go after the sherrif as well. If you can't file a law suit against the useless POS I would go after him when it is re-election time! My fiance and I don't have any kids, so our dogs are our kids. I honestly can't say what would happen if anyone hurt one of them. My dogs would never hurt anyone they might lick them raw but that would be about it... You have a vet's report saying where your dog was shot it clearly shows it wasn't a justified shooting. I would go over the sheriff's head as well. I would go to the state police for your area. I would also post photos of the guy, his car, his license plate etc everywhere with the story of what happened. Let all of the animal lovers in your area make his life hell! Best wishes with your outcome and no matter what there will be a void in your heart....
  3. 11edgelimited

    End of lease risidual

    My lease paperwork says my buyout price.
  4. 11edgelimited

    Post a Picture of your other ride

    The Edge is mine. my bike: 08 Yamaha FZ6 My Fiance's Car: 06 Mazda 6s My Fiance's Bike: 05 Kawasaki Ninja 250r
  5. 11edgelimited

    What do you guys think of these?

    But in order to not affect gas mileage they would never be able to go home or a town or slow down in a lower speed limit and then speed back up... They would need to do the same speed 100% of the time. Plus the heavier the wheels the acceleration is effected.. Plus theoretically more weight more wear and tear on the drivetrain.
  6. 11edgelimited

    Iphone 5

    Got my iPhone 5 today, but I don't have my edge with me on the road this semster so won't be able to try it until November. Curious to see if the texting ends up working.
  7. Did you accept the $13,500? Rough trade is $15,200... Average trade is $16,500...
  8. 11edgelimited

    Front Bumper Issue

    Have it too, 1/4, and on both sides
  9. 11edgelimited

    Consumer reports on 5 cars to avoid

    Anyone that follows CR is waisting their time. CR reports the best car by which company is willing to pay them the most. It has always been and will always be a joke.
  10. 11edgelimited

    Highest Mileage

    have only had mine since Dec 10th but Im at 15,000 zero mechanical problems.
  11. I think it is called courtesy wipe. Should be in the lcd left of the speedo. I don't remember what it is under though.
  12. 11edgelimited

    22" edge sport wheels for sale

    I saw a blue sport yesterday and hated the black grill. I like the chrome one on my limited much better...
  13. They want the push button start (no key) like my limited has, I believe the link is just remote start.
  14. I have a photo of my fiance and our dog.
  15. 11edgelimited

    How do I add fuel injector cleaner??

    I was wondering the same thing about the capless. I like to use dry gas and wasn't able to add that. My edge has quite a bit of water coming out of the exhaust....