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  1. Friegorgeous

    Here it is!!...The first ever bagged edge!

    Wow 3 years later i decide to look at this thread again im sorry bout that i dont have the edge no longer went to a f150 after my last one and picked up an old benz to mess with instead. I never really took any phots of the tank setup its around aomewhere if any one is really curious ill have to dig for it. Thanks again for al the support from those years
  2. Friegorgeous

    Other Make Wheel Fitment

    Bmw you will need adapters i considered running x5 wheels also my friend had a set i was gunna run then decided against it um nissan subaru ford lexus toyota i believe are all 5 x 114.3 depending on the vehicle
  3. Friegorgeous

    How does your modded edge look?

    ooooo sounds tempting cellbine hows korea treatin ya?
  4. Friegorgeous

    Quad Exhaust Ideas

    after my air ride is back in this is the next mod
  5. Friegorgeous

    Quad Exhaust Ideas

    not gunna lie I may steal this idea cause its pretty awesome
  6. Friegorgeous

    Performance mods you would like to see for the Edge/MKX

    2014 Ford edge SEL AWD bagged my last one just gotta move it into this one Pretty much same as the other posts -i think my next project will either be messing with the interior, vinylwrapping, or working on a turbo/supercharger setup but we'll see. - just wanted to post so I can see whats going on and get an idea of whats to come
  7. Friegorgeous


    Yeah man idk if u want coilovers i suggest callin bc or whatever coil company you like and see if they can manufacture a set for you.....but it will be costly
  8. Friegorgeous

    Front plate relocate

    Heheh well rn its back to stock i just picked up a 2014 so a couple of weeks ill be back to its bagged self but def stop by the south setauket bestbuy im always workin heheh
  9. Friegorgeous

    Front plate relocate

    Oh snap yeah i work out in s setauket nice to meet ya man
  10. Friegorgeous

    Front plate relocate

    Where ya from in ny?
  11. Friegorgeous

    Here it is!!...The first ever bagged edge!

    Some new pics
  12. Friegorgeous

    Here it is!!...The first ever bagged edge!

    gotcha and def man it still needs to be aligned hence the positive camber but actually the accuair elevel system has 4 ride height sensors that allow the system to adjust accordingly to perform its best. Other than that havent done much
  13. Friegorgeous

    Here it is!!...The first ever bagged edge!

    Baheheh nd what ya lookin for exactly?