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  1. Edged Up

    5A70E3D5 FEA1 4C83 88B7 BCAF3599F37D

    This looks awesome man!!!
  2. Look at them calipers and lug nuts. Just needs some rims and a lower.
  3. Edged Up

    :Door Ajar" warning on at all times

    I went thru a can of brake cleaner and a can of electrical cleaner. Did the pipe cleaner thing. Key in the lock thing. All the things except that one dude that stuck a water hose thru the handle, that's just nuts. I hope the Michaels pipe cleaners didn't fall apart in there. If I spray the latch it will work for about 5 minutes now. Then it just goes back to no contact.
  4. Edged Up

    :Door Ajar" warning on at all times

    Sprayed mine and made it worse!!! I think the sales lady stuck me with the Ext. warranty so lets see whats up. Before it was intermittent, now its on constantly.
  5. Edged Up

    Outside door handles: OEM vs aftermarket

    Body shops will rip you. I got a quote of $2500 for a scratch on the door, paint new grill (that I supplied), mirrors and handles. 2500!!!! My head spun Beetlejuice style. Gotta shop around.
  6. Edged Up

    10" wide wheels

    I have it saved because he's the only guy I've seen on here that's documented his findings. I found the tire size interesting. I'm doing the same set up come tax season. Always had a hard time finding it.
  7. Edged Up

    10" wide wheels

  8. Edged Up

    Anyone change/replace foot pedals?

    NIce set up! Im interested too. Where did you get those?
  9. Edged Up

    Steeda Rear Sway Bar

    NIce upgrade!!!
  10. Edged Up

    Steeda Rear Sway Bar

    Picked up the last one! Thanks for the heads up man. I was going to get the Addco one but its almost $200 and never bit the bullet. Couldn't beat $120. I would have never gotten it if I didn't see it fit your 2013 too.
  11. Edged Up

    RIP Nick Fersch (nickf1011)

    Death sucks all around. Pour out some liquor for Mr. Fersch. RIP.
  12. Yeah. I aint getting rid of my baby. I like my blue se. I'm gonna find out what my dealer says. Maybe go during the week when its kinda empty and no rush and see what they say. Any updates I'll post up.
  13. I wish I got the Sport. As the very least a SEL.