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  1. Liamk08SEL

    Painted diffuser

    That looks really good! Agree that a darker color might be better, but definitely nice!
  2. Liamk08SEL

    How does your modded edge look?

    Here's the plastidip process of grille, will upload a better picture in the daylight later. Also attached are the glasspacks im putting on, will upload a before and after sound clip (video), for any interested. Lastly, a picture of my mud flaps custom painted. (By myself haha)
  3. Liamk08SEL

    Rear air weak '13 edge

    I think responder curious about the ability for air to flow, eg. Are vents clean, clogged. Etc.
  4. Liamk08SEL

    How does your modded edge look?

    Ok, cool. I love that look, and the post before yours I love those halo headlights. If only I were rich hahaha
  5. Liamk08SEL

    How does your modded edge look?

    That's vicious! How did you pay for the RGB demon eyes?
  6. Liamk08SEL

    How does your modded edge look?

    Hot damn my friend, that is a very nice edge!
  7. Liamk08SEL

    Side Impact Collision Photos

    It's a good thing you didn't get that, from what I've heard/learned, third row seating is incredibly unsafe, especially in rear end accidents.
  8. Liamk08SEL

    How does your modded edge look?

    I'll start with mine, first winter with new tires. Mods: Weapon-R cold air intake After market chrome on pillars and mirrors Resonator delete Mud flaps (not necessary, but look awesome!) Four new pioneer speakers + 10" sub Hopefully in the near future; Replacing mufflers with glasspacks, and new tips. Plus I plan to detail the car with plastidip. It's only in plans now. If anyone wants to see the Photoshop rendering let me know. Please, I would love to see everyone else's edge! I love to see how people design their vehicle.
  9. New to the forums, not sure if there is already a "topic" about this. Would love to see everyone's modded edge. All mods are welcome!
  10. Liamk08SEL


    Another option, a little cheaper depending on your money. -Find a good local muffler shop/mechanic -straight pipe resonator (resonator delete) -If you want it really loud, look for a glasspack, (http://m.ebay.com/itm/391016042584) - good to go, a lot cheaper than a full on after market exhaust. Sounds just as sexy!