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    I Gray 2009

  2. Jordangray25

    Help. Signal Relay location. Help.

    I have Halogens only. Do I replace the SJB?
  3. Jordangray25


    2014 Ducati Monster 796. Reptile color flip
  4. Jordangray25

    Help. Signal Relay location. Help.

    I can't locate the relay for my turn signals. Rear passenger turn signal is not blinking and front passer signal is blinking fast. I have checked the fuse and replaced all the bulbs. Anyone have a diagram or picture of where the relay is??? Manual doesn't show and I have taken enough parts off to look under the steering wheel but can't seem to find it. Any and all help is appreciated.
  5. I did my grille and wheels with plasti dip and love the results. About 5 cans total.
  6. Jordangray25

    Plasti Dip my Grille

    I Dipped mine last weekend and just love it. The stuff is awesome and easy. I dipped 2 full grills with 6 coats each for less than $10. http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb190/jordangray25/481526_4997633703998_962671872_n.jpg
  7. Is there an option to have them shipped?