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  1. tkw

    another PTU question

    Yep purchased new, just now starting to look into the additional maintenance items. The ptu thing I wasn't even really aware of until I googled the smell
  2. Sorry to add more to the PTU heap, just looking for some help in making an informed decision. I have a 13 Edge with 61K miles. I recently started noticing the smell best described as propane or natural gas, so of course I googled it. That led me to all the issues people are having with the PTU. The smell is the only symptom I am noticing right now, I am not noticing any leak spots on the floor, or any noise or performance issues. I have an appointment with a local independent shop that has a good reputation (the local Ford dealer does not). The plan is for them to check for any leaks and go from there. I am leaving next Friday for vacation, the drive is 800 miles each way, the weather will be hot. Since I am not seeing any other symptoms, if there is not a major leak would I likely be OK just having the old fluid pulled out and replaced with fresh if it doesn't have any chunks in it? What is the point where replacing the unit is necessary? Not sure what to do! Thanks
  3. the clicking is coming from the engine compartment near the starter
  4. Tail lights do not flash with the clicking.
  5. I have a 2013 Edge (49,900 miles), and I am wondering if I am having a similar issue. I started having problems last week with a dead battery, so I took it to a repair shop (not a Ford dealer) and they put it on some kind of tester that indicated my battery was toast. I had the battery replaced, and no problems starting since. However, my wife started noticing a high frequency ringing noise coming from the vehicle with it not running, key out of the ignition. I cannot hear it. Yesterday, I noticed a random clicking noise again with the engine not running, key out of the ignition. I think the clicking is the starter solenoid. Between the noise my wife is hearing, and the clicking I am hearing, this seems to me like there is something staying active? I am not seeing any warning messages about the shifter not being in park, but I am not sure what else would be causing this issue?
  6. tkw

    Potential Edge owner

    fledgex & www - Thanks for the welcomes! Bt- I was hoping to avoid needing to attach anything, but I might have to. Probably just try to find a screw somewhere on the gate I could use to anchor a pull strap from. Before I do that though, I am going to ask the dealer their thoughts on a shorter strut substitute. As for modifications, the only thing I needed was a set of hand controls to operate the brake/gas pedal. These can range from fairly simple to complex, depending on everything from how much you want to spend, to the severity of the disability. The set I use is pretty basic, and Ford actually has a program that will pay up to $1000 towards the cost to purchase and install when purchasing the vehicle new. If your cousin can get set up with something to drive, it will be one of the best things he could do for himself. If his paralysis is waist down, he shouldn't need anything special. If you have any other questions, just fire away.
  7. tkw

    Potential Edge owner

    OK! If anyone read all that from my first post, I did end up buying a new 2103 Edge SEL about a month or so ago! My concern with not being able to get in/out from my wheelchair turned out to be not an issue at all. I love the vehicle, and am sure to have many questions for the members here. I'll start here with 3 that come to mind right now! 1. I did not get the power lift gate option, so when the gate is fully open, I cannot quite reach the hand holds to be able to pull it shut. Are there any shorter struts I could buy and have installed that would stop the gate from opening quite so far? 2. All the black plastic trim that runs along the bottoms of the outsides of the doors, and then the rest of the way around under the front & rear bumpers - I don't know if there is some kind of residue built up so soon or what, but the trim doesn't look too good already - are there any products recommended to be applied here to bring the black back out? The last time I cared about what my vehicle looked like, Armor All was the go to product for stuff like this..... 3. The USB thumb drive I play audio files from - everytime I start the vehicle, I get a message that the drive is not supported and to remove it. The music plays fine from it, and I can browse all the songs, albums, etc. it's just annoying. Is it a matter of randomly finding a different drive that works, or is there some type of formatting that needs to be done to it? Thanks, Tim
  8. I'm wondering about this myself. I have a 13 sel, and the my temp button does not turn amber when I touch it. It does make the sound though. Should it light up or not? Thanks!
  9. tkw

    Potential Edge owner

    Hello everyone, I have had my heart set on an Edge for many years, and am now actually to the point where I can afford to buy one. I do have a question/problem that I was hoping folks here could help me out with. Long winded rambling to follow. 14 years ago, I was paralyzed in a motorcycle accident. Since my legs don't work anymore, I have a "different" way of getting in and out of a vehicle. First, I push my wheelchair up to the door opening, and place my feet into the floor well with my arms. Then I put one hand on the seat, and the other on the armrest of the door, and push myself up, and throw myself over into the seat. Where the problem comes is with the armrest on the door. The older Edges (pre '11 I believe) had a "handle" right in the middle of the armrest. '11 and up models have the handle moved very far forward, and slanted at an angle. I need to have a handle to hold onto right in the middle, so I was wondering if anyone here has any idea if the newer model Edge armrest could be modified to be more like the pre '11 models? Another question I have is about the strength of the door hinges - since I put most of my weight on the door everytime I get in and out, I am worried that eventually the hinges will give out. I currently drive a Chevy Blazer, and so far I have replaced the hinge pins and bushings twice, and have had the assist spring shoot out and almost hit me in the face twice.....so how are the hinges on the Edge? If you have made it this far, thanks for reading. If you have any questions or suggestions, I would be glad to hear them. Thanks, Tim