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  1. I've had the car (2008 Edge SEL limited) for a little over 2 years now and the key fob has been working great up until about 3 weeks ago. The car has a factory remote start built in and if you press the lock button 3 times it will start the car. Now for some reason the key fob won't lock/unlock or remote start unless you are within 5-10 feet of the car. It used to work from our second story apartment (if you stood at the window and aimed the key fob at the car). Today I replaced the battery (in the key fob) thinking it was going bad and was the reason for it not working from a distance. This didn't fix the problem. Anyone know what is causing this issue?
  2. gknuckles

    Key fob not working from a distance

    Thanks. I'll have a look around today and see if I can find anything. If not I'll call the dealership where we bought it and see if they know anything.
  3. gknuckles

    Key fob not working from a distance

    Omar302, I'm assuming it's not a factory remote start because I don't have a separate key fob just to start it. On the factory key fob if you push the lock button 3 times it starts. This is actually my fiancés car and when she bought it they didn't even tell her it had a remote start. One day she got a little happy with the lock button and it started the car that's how we figured it out. Any idea how I would go about finding this remote start "system" or antenna that may have gotten unplugged?
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    Remote Start - Please Help!

    I have a 08 SEL with a factory remote starter. Recently the distance that I can use the remote start and also to lock/unlock the car has dramatically decreased. It used to work from about 50 feet, but now it won't work unless you are within 5-10 feet of the car. I replaced the battery in the key fob, but it didn't fix the issue. Any ideas? Sorry if this isn't posted in the correct place. Thanks in advance for the help.