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    Oil Pressure sensor

    Hi. I have to replace the oil pressure sensor on my Ford Edge 2013 SEL (3.5 V6). is there a guide, instructions or pictures of the process? Disassembling the front and removing the fan is the only way to get there? thanks!!
  2. rsucre

    Stuck in first gear. D but seems like in S.

    In my case the issue was fixed. Has not reocurred in more than a year. The dealer shop told me that they applied some updates to the car computer. Also, my gear shift was not "firm". Sometimes I moved the handle to D position and it did not "lock" properly in that position and the dash D light did not get on. They also fixed something mechanical inside the gear shift handle mechanism. But I suspect that those issues were not related and that the "stall" problem was fixed with the computer update.
  3. They did not let me go to the garage where they did the work, so I don't know exactly what options they selected. But I know that they had to connect the IDS again in order to re-enroll my "original" spare key. After that one was enrolled I was able to enroll my aftermarket spare key by following the instructions that are in the manual (putting the 1st spare, then the 2nd spare, then the 3rd).
  4. Hi Sajid, I think that my range improved a little bit after I replaced the bidirectional remote battery. I suggest you try that and let us know if your range also improved by doing that. R.
  5. rsucre

    IDS VCM, 2013 model

    I think that my Ford Edge 2013 Remote Start was programmed with VCM (not VCM II). Also see previous (above) post by JimmyK confirming that VCM can be used on 2013 cars.
  6. Sajid, I know the feeling, but take into account that most of the cost goes into designing the product, not necessarily in the manufacturing of each unit. Sometimes it is cheaper for them to just install them in the manufacturing plant and then charge for the activation. Starts to reassemble what goes on with some software programs, when they charge you for enabling certain functionality and it is just a matter of entering a "product key/code". R.
  7. I installed it. The adjustment knob is at the most sensitive setting. I read that there is a "software setting" for the warning honk sensitivity and the full alarm sensitivity. The instructions state that you have to turn the ignition to ON, wait 10 seconds, press the override button until there is one honk, then press it again until four honks. Once there, you configure the sensitivity with the key fob buttons. The problem is that I never get the four honks. My guess it that the instructions for the Ford Edge 2013 are different.
  8. Hi Gary. I performed the test that you indicated and the alarm gets activated, the car starts to honk. Do you have the instructions for configuring the shock sensor sensitivity on a Ford Edge 2013? The instructions that I read on the internet (ignition switch to ON position, wait 10 secs, keep override button pressed until one honk then again until 4 honks) do not work (I keep getting only one honk). Your help is appreciated. I need to lower the sensitivity of the full shock setting as it never gets fully activated by impact. The warning (lower) setting is OK as I get the warning (one) honk if I hit the car softly. Thanks again.
  9. Anybody can help me? I need to know how to activate and configure the security alarm part (i.e. shock sensor sensitivity settings) of this module (bb5z-19g364-c) on Ford Edge 2013. The remote start is already working.
  10. Thanks for your reply Gary. If I unplug the antenna module then the bidirectional remote does not work at all. Even standing next to the car. So the antenna is working, just that it does not have much range. Sometimes even less range than the factory key fob. And yes, the bidirectional remote flashes green when the remote start is activated. I installed it as in this picture (from the installation tutorial thread that I refer to in my first post). Also, anyone has the instructions for configuring the alarm/security part of the 200 series kit? My led does not blink when the car is locked and the first stage alarm (single honk) works when I hit the car, but the full alarm (second stage) never gets activated, no matter how hard I hit the car. Turning the key to ON position then pressing the bypass button until it honks, then pressing it again is supposed to honk four times after a while, but that never happens. I read that's the way you enter into the configuration mode for the impact sensitivity. Thanks.
  11. Hi, I installed the Remote Start Kit Series 200 (Plug & Play) on my Edge 2013. I'm getting very short range from the bidirectional remote. Sometimes it does not reach the car even when the factory key fob reaches without problem. I already tried replacing the battery with brand new one and that did not help. I installed the two antennas as suggested in the following thread: http://www.fordedgeforum.com/topic/8434-2011-ford-edge-200-series-remote-start-diy-bb5z-19g364-c/ I understood that the bidirectional remote on this kit was supposed to have a good range, that's why it is bidirectional, because it is supposed to work even when the car is off sight. I'm hardly getting 30 feet with no obstacles between car and me with this remote. Any suggestions?
  12. rsucre

    Hood switch included

    Sajid, Please let me know if it works.
  13. OK, I took the car back to the dealer and they added my spare key to the system. Now everything is OK with the remote start. My only outstanding issue is #2 above, that the anti-theft/alarm part of the Series 200 kit is not working. Any ideas? Can you lead me to a setup guide or help me troubleshoot?
  14. My remote start kit (series 200) got installed and activated. The car is remote starting but I have two issues: 1. Only the key fob that I took with me to the dealer when the remote start was activated is working. My spare (factory) key fob, is no longer working. Is there any way to fix that without taking it back to the dealer? The message that I get when using the spare key fob is Starter System Failed. The unlock/lock buttons of the spare key fob are working, it's not good for starting. 2. The shock sensor and anti-theft part of the series 200 does not seem to be working. I can hit the car and the alarm does not get activated. I can also get in into the car, lock the door (in theory that activates the security alarm), move all I want, open the door, etc. and no alarm (horn) gets activated. Any ideas? Thanks.
  15. rsucre

    Anyone with bluetooth OBD2 experience?

    I have Actron U-Scan. It is a new bluetooth scanner that is fully compatible with iPhone. It recognizes the Edge and works very well. You can buy a software module (in app purchase of aprox. $15) and get real-time data from most sensors (RPM, voltage, speed, oxygen sensor, etc.). There are other in app purchases for advanced ABS diagnostics (which I have not tried). So far, so good.