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  1. Hello, Could anyone tell me how to reset the BMS on 2013 Edge sel , without tools. I get low battery message. Battery is only 6 months old and tested fine. Thanks Larry
  2. BMS reset did NOT work on my car 2013 Edge sel Larry
  3. Thanks to all that responded, I'll do the pass light and brake pedal and the sleep for 8 hours . I did the 5 bright light flashes, 3 pumps on brake pedal . This did NOT work on my 2013 Edge sel
  4. Haz, Thank you very much. I'll do the 8 hour undisturbed, see what happens. I installed the new battery and started using car, not thinking or knowing about reset. Low battery message has only come on twice in the 6 month since new battery was installed. Get message when startinng. Thanks again Larry
  5. Hello, Could anyone tell me if I can replace the stock rear turn signal bulbs with led bulbs. 2013 Edge SEL Thanks Larry
  6. Thanks much for the info. I see the canbus bulbs have built in resistor. Pretty salty, might just leave stock ????? 😊
  7. Larry

    Water Pump Failure Prevention

    WWWPerfA_ZN0W, I just thought I would throw the question out to you guys to see what others thought. I too am leery of adding to the coolant or oil. Larry
  8. Larry

    Water Pump Failure Prevention

    Hi David, Next time I get to wally world I'll check out Royal Purple. I purchased the bars leak lube for winterizing my pressure washer. Couple ounces of anti freeze and small amount of bars leak lube. The I thought it may help prevent failure of water pump in my Edge. ( very poor design ) I'm also retired, 76 years young, have time on my hands and like you always thinking about over kill , must be how we were raised?? Our Edge has 68,000 on it now, So far no problems. I did change belts, more over kill. Still have original tires and brakes. Hard to believe how well the Michelin tires wear. Rotate about 7,000 miles. I switched from Motorcraft synthetic blend oil to Valvoline full synthetic . After switching oil the mpg increased about 1 mpg, engine is quieter and smoother. We take a 3 to 4 thousand mile road trip every year, average mpg has been 26.6 - 26.7 I think pretty good. I drive the speed limits or a little over. Sorry about being long winded Larry Northwest, In.
  9. Larry

    Water Pump Failure Prevention

    Hello, I would like your thoughts about using bars leak water pump lube to help prevent failure. I changed coolant at 60,000. Only 68,000 on car now. I posted picture of what I'm talking about 2013 Edge 3.5 Thanks Larry
  10. Larry

    windshild distortion

    No I haven't noticed distortion there but do have some on both left and right bottom corners
  11. Larry

    2015 Edge oil pan issues

    I was chiming in with akirby about finding new dealer with a example of a bad one. Sorry I didn't ask a question.
  12. Larry

    2015 Edge oil pan issues

    My Nephew has a 2017 f-150 3.5 . Dealer just resealed his pan. I told him to keep a close eye on it. I also told him not to take truck to that dealer. Bad dealership. Techs are ok but what they are told to do is the problem.
  13. Wow, rust at 28,000. I would raise hell if dealer doesn't replace hatch. My 2013 has 64,000 Northern Indiana miles, salt etc. No sign of bubbles/rust anywhere. I do preventative liquid wax in bottom doors seams and hatch seam. I have to squat down , pull hatch down enough to squirt liquid wax in seam. I leave the wax in the seams. Just add more each fall. Rinse and blow out seams , let dry . For the hood I saturate small piece of cloth and push wax into seam.
  14. Larry

    2015 Edge oil pan issues

    Is the oil pan plastic like the f-150 I have a 2013 Edge 3.5 aluminum pan. Larry
  15. Larry

    G2 Edge Sport Catch Can

    Catch Can? Why? Which engine do you have? Thanks Larry 2013 Edge 3.5
  16. Hello, I rotate front to back on same side. Have 58,000 miles on car and tires are all worn evenly. I rotate every 7,000 miles. I use a good floor jack, put it under the front sub frame behind the front tire. Jack entire side of car off ground. Do the same on other side of car. I don't see any reason to criss cross tires. Just my 2 cents. Larry
  17. Larry

    New Ford edge 2012

    Hi Henrytoks, Wow 2012. Did you find a really low mileage 2012? It' seven maybe eight years old, depending when it was built. Well anyway The SE is the base model. No leather seats, no dual heat or air conditioning. SEL is the next step up. The base SEL comes with cloth seats and dual heat and air, no back up camera. You could upgrade the SEL by ordering different packages, leather seats, backup camera etc. I have a 2013 SEL base. The only thing I miss is the backup camera. Other than that the car has been great, no problems at all. Only have 57,000 miles on it. Bought new Feb. 2013. It was built, Jan. 2013. It has the 3.5 v6, plenty of power and very good MPG. I have taken three road trips through the Cumberland and Smokey Mountains each trip was around 3,000 miles , average MPG 26-27. Sorry about bragging about mine. You should be happy with a low mileage SEL . I would look for a newer model unless you can find a really low mileage 2012. Larry
  18. Larry

    Fuel filter replacement

    I have a 13 SEL 3.5 FWD, never got below 23 mpg. Mixed driving. Road trips I usually average 26-27mpg. No exaggeration. Larry NW Indiana
  19. I assume this has been addressed but couldn't find topic. Does anyone know if there is a modification/replacement so I can add a backup camera to my 2013 SEL. It has the small dash screen. I'm able to install and do wiring for the camera itself. Need to know if all Edges have the wiring in dash for camera monitor. Thanks
  20. How in the world did you mess the studs up??? Way to much air on impact??????
  21. Extended warranty on brake booster . 13N02
  22. Larry

    The most important part of an oil change

    PaulSchott, If you want to crank engine to build oil pressure, hold WOT, engine won't start until you release throttle. Larry Northern, In.
  23. Larry

    MACT oil sample testing series

    First off, Thanks for the excellent reporting. Very interesting. I've been using Valvoline 5w20 full synthetic in my 2013 Edge with 3.5 I see through your reporting Valvoline isn't the best or even in the top three. Maybe I should switch brands??? Now I see a new Valvoline oil is on the market. Valvoline full synthetic for engines 2012 and newer. Supposedly fights carbon build up better than regular full synthetic. Wonder what's coming next? Other brands will certainly come up with something new. Thanks for your time Larry Northern, In
  24. So much for keeping work in the USA. Lincolns in China, Electric in Mexico. Great way to use their BIG tax cut. I thought the big tax giveaway was supposed to keep jobs here and bring jobs back. Ford stock is up though. Maybe trump will tweet about this too. Ford man and Union man, not happy
  25. I have found it does take quite awhile to get trans up to temp. Supposed to be safe as long as it shows on hash. I just changed my fluid. 50,000 miles. Manual says 150,000 but I'm old school. Was changing engine oil 3,000 using Motorcraft blend, I switched to Valvoline syn-power full synthetic, now change at 5,000. I have the 3.5 engine so I also changed the coolant hoping to prolong the water pump. Don't want it going out. The internal water pump is one of Fords bad ideas and I say this being a Ford man. I really like my Edge. Nothing gone wrong yet. knock on wood. 2013 Edge Sel Larry Northern, In.