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  1. ccutaia1

    Connect Radar Detector to mirror

    The video on YouTube is spot on. The top piece has to come off first, push forward pull down. The bottom piece does not pull straight down if you do you may wind up pulling down the whole mirror assembly as I did. You need to take the ears left and right on the top of the bottom piece once the top piece is removed and push them out to release the tabs shown in the video then pull down. Alls well that ends well, everything is back together and working with no damage.
  2. ccutaia1

    Connect Radar Detector to mirror

    I tried to remove the camera cover and it is not coming off as you had said it would, are you sure?
  3. Hi, I am trying to get to the mirror wiring to connect my radar detector but need to understand how schrod covering the lane keeping camera comes off so I don't break it.
  4. ccutaia1

    Connect Radar Detector to mirror

    OK, so if I have the mirror and camera which I do, the wire color/connection is the same as the video?
  5. $600.00, 4 Hankook VENTUS S1 NOBLE2 - 245/50R20 Tires For Sale, New Car takeoff. These tires have 386 miles on them when taken off the car. Compare at $840.00 or more for the set. Located in Knoxville TN.
  6. $725 This ad is for 4, 20 inch OEM polished aluminum wheels off of a new 2018 Ford Edge Titanium. These are "NEW" car take off's. 20" x 8", 5x108 bolt pattern. Wheels are located in Knoxville TN
  7. ccutaia1

    New Edge with 20" wheels, ride sucks HELP

    I just swapped my 20's with 18's, rides like a dream, quiet, and still handles nice. The only thing I am not sure about is do I need to have the dealer change the CPU to reflect the change in tire/rim size? The '20s seemed to be about an inch taller.
  8. Hi, On my new 2018 Edge Titanium due to the horrible ride of the 20" rims with the 245/50R20 tires, I went to 18" rims with the stock size tires 245/60R18 tires. My question is it looks like the 20-inch setup was a little taller, do I need to have the dealer adjust the tire size in the CPU of the car? Please let me know.
  9. ccutaia1

    New Edge with 20" wheels, ride sucks HELP

    Dropped down to 30 PSI, still rides like a buckboard.
  10. Hi, I want to tap into my dimming rear view mirror and connect my radar detector. 1st how does the plastic remove from the mirror so I can get to the connections, 2nd what color wires can I tap into for power and ground?
  11. Hi, I just purchased a 2018 Edge Titanium with the 20" wheels and the ride sucks. Question, has anyone replaced the Hankook tires that came with them with Micheline tires to improve the ride? Next question is anyone interested in buying or trading for my 20"s with 18" rims with Micheline tires????
  12. ccutaia1

    Playlists on USB music files show up as empty

    I got it, the file location of the MU3 has to be in a "forced" location and the car will pick it up.
  13. I am trying to find a file format that will work so I can play my playlists. Can anyone tell me what file formats work? I have tried creating playlists using wma. files and mp3. original formats. I have tried MU3 playlist files and UTF-8 encoding for MU3 files in from both base formats wma. & mp3. nothing works.
  14. Has anyone had the outline of the passenger air bag start to show up, and if you have did Ford take care of it under warranty and replace the top of the dash board?
  15. ccutaia1

    Is Anyone Satisfied With Their Edge?

    Post after post after post people complain about MFT, is anybody listening at Ford?