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  1. SUV-E

    Newbie post but not so new

  2. SUV-E

    Second Gen. 3.5 under-tray mod. or removal?

    Not that hard to remove. Mine is staying.
  3. Put the fob in an RF blocking pouch. Then the car cannot detect it and you should be fine. They are very inexpensive.
  4. SUV-E

    New member , 2011 edge limited

  5. SUV-E

    New Edge!!!!

  6. SUV-E

    New member! 2011 Black Sport

  7. SUV-E

    New Edge Titanium Ownee

    So true!
  8. SUV-E

    2019 Ford Edge SEL

    Welcome!! Todd... I share your feelings about the sunroof. Ours never gets opened either.
  9. SUV-E

    New Edge Titanium Ownee

    Welcome!! You can always blame the spell checker... ?
  10. SUV-E

    Ford Edge 2014, losing power, hesitation, shaking

    If you take it to the shop, have them test fuel pressure. I've seen bad fuel pumps act this way. Worth checking absent better information.
  11. SUV-E

    Ford Edge 2014, losing power, hesitation, shaking

    Does it go back to normal if you slow down considerably? Sounds like it might not be getting enough fuel. Symptomatic of a clogged fuel filter or a failing fuel pump.
  12. SUV-E

    Happy New ST Owner

  13. SUV-E

    2012 Edge new to us

  14. SUV-E

    AC Not Functioning at All Times

    Is it in Auto mode? If so, try it in manual mode with a fixed fan speed and see what happens.