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  1. Oh good, I'm not the only one. See my post "2012 Sport And Already Problems" to join the problem club.
  2. All I know is that even though everyone says get a harness I am running 55w/6000 with just plug and play without any issues for a couple of months now.
  3. Ordered and installed 6,000/55w kit. Wow, the difference is so drastic over OEM I might actually be able to see through solid objects with these. Surprisingly not getting high-beamed by oncoming traffic unless they are partially incapacitated by the insane brightness and become too disoriented to reach for the high beams. The problem I have is that the ballasts do not fit into the spaces designed for the OEM ballasts. I guess that's what you would expect from aftermarket, but just too bad.
  4. carsick30

    2012 Sport speaker blown?

    Makes sense, but the mystery to me is the fact that I'm only getting this occasional distortion when listening to radio, not USB/CD. And no, it's not radio station static because it happens on every channel. It;s also not antenna reception because the static would then come from all sides, but this one seems to be more in the back.
  5. Clearly Im being sarcastic. If you are not sure why Im expressing my displeasure, check my thread under Owner Impressions section. What I mean is that the letter basically says this will not cause immediate break failure, but to keep waiting for the spongy feel or for hissing. I can do that or I can talk to friends who have no issues with their SUVs and dont have to wait for the day when this may or may not happen. I find it frustraing to constantly have to wonder what the next problem may be.
  6. got letter. adding to the ever growing list of either current or future problems. unbeleivable. i love how it says the tear may not kill you right away, but i just can't help but picture having to really use the braking power that one time when it's needed only to discover that the problem has been there long enough for me to take out myself and another car on the road. basically, every time i go in for service i might as well have them look at this to make sure.
  7. When listening to radio, but not CD or iPod for some reason, seem to be periodically hearing what sounds like one of the back speakers being blown. Anyone else having this problem?
  8. looks good. so, +1 vote for having a backup ballast handy. i'm assuming you didn't have to use their Error Eliminators either with your setup?
  9. i figured as much. i saw posts that for morimotos you should get canbus harness, which is their version of DDM Error Eliminators i think. So, i assumed you have to have that with all kits. i agree that there is no problem with putting HID into halogen projectors as long as the kit is not complete garbage. I've done it as far back as I remember on all cars I've had without melting anything or killing oncoming innocent drivers by blinding them.
  10. Are DDM Error Eliminators really needed on a 2011+ Edge? Anyone run without them and not gotten code flashing on dash?
  11. thanks for posting and for the .pdf! i thought i was losing it when i would hear this sporadically, but could never understand where it was coming from.
  12. Ah, got it. i can only imagine what that would cost to fix if out of warranty... Which then brings up a follow-up question: since the waterproff cap covers have toget drilled for the install, and HIDs are no longer OEM parts, can Ford say they will not cover surrounding and affiliated components under warranty (not the bulb/ballast onbviously, but other pieces) because of excessive heat/electrical load/etc.?
  13. so bad ballasts potentially... what about the high beams? it uses same bulb as low beams? i guess i just can't register how it would not need a separate bulb for that.
  14. So, based on some discussions throughout here i saw a numbmer of poeople running DDM Tuning HID setup because of cost savings over that other "M-something-rather". http://www.ddmtuning.com/Products/DDM-HID-Kit-Slim-Ballast-35W-or-55W $60 vs $150 certainly makes sense to me. Online you can find HID setups for hundreds more than that, but it doesn't mean they are that much better. Here is what I'm interested in: 1. I know a bunch of people said they have been running DDM without issues for at least a couple of years. But, I also saw owners say they have had issues with DDM without getting into specifics. I would like to hear what those issues are with DDM. Pros: cost and reliability (?). Cons: ? 2. Can someone clarify again please the low vs high-beam with these? The kit does not specify that it is low and high beam. Does that mean the way the Edge lights are built, the switch uses the same bulb but angles it higher for high beams? This is porbably a dumb question, but I just don't get it even after seeing a post on here about some magnetic swtich or something like that.