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  1. Located 30 minutes outside of Syacuse, NY Wheels: Anzio Turn 17x7.5 Bolt Pattern: 5-114.3 Tires: 235/65/17 Bridgestone Blizzak DMV-1 $600 These tires have about 1000 miles on them from one season of use. I live one mile from where I work and just installed them this past fall 2016. The vehicle they are for is no longer large enough for our family so we are upsizing and I'm trading in the car. Includes lug nuts and 315MhZ TPMS sensors. Entire package was originally 1300. I can't ship these. I tried to get a set shipped to me this past summer and it was close to $400 to ship four wheels via Fedex, UPS, and USPS. So local pickup only.
  2. Hes right, hence why my wheels were for sale. I upgraded to a 2016 and had to get new wheels for snows. Regardless these aren't for sale anymore. Good luck.
  3. can0n4

    FS: Daytime Brightlites HID replacement kit

    Why are you selling it? What years is it for? How old is the kit? Do you have a link to the original page?
  4. Pic of mats attached. Make me an offer
  5. Winters coming! Protect your carpets!
  6. can0n4

    2015 Edge 18" wheels/tires/TPMS $300

    We've all got PayPal... Take it easy
  7. can0n4

    2015 Edge 18" wheels/tires/TPMS $300

    I'm in. Let me know, and lets make contact through email or phone so neither of us has to keep checking back. My email is wmgilmore4 at gmail.com. Thanks.
  8. can0n4

    2015 Edge 18" wheels/tires/TPMS $300

    I'm interested and would consider paying shipping. I need a set of wheels for my 2016 to put snow tires on. I would just have to verify the bolt pattern is the same 5x108 and we would have to talk shipping costs. Anyway you can call up or stop in the local UPS or shipping store and ask for an estimate with packaging to Auburn, NY 13021 ? I know for a fact UPS will allow them to cover the front and back of the wheels in cardboard and ship without covering the tires so it may not be too bad.
  9. I sold my car so this fall I'm going to be selling a complete set of used 18x8 Ford Edge wheels without tires off of my 2014 Edge Limited. I have yet to remove the tires, but wanted to get this out in case anyone was looking for new wheels or to set up a snow tire setup. These are chrome clad. I will have pictures up this week if interested or I can email you directly if interested. $400 shipped to lower 48 let me know. This isn't my picture but this is what they look like:
  10. I've got front WeatherTech mats for sale from my 2013. Bought new in 2014 and used until now. I haven't got pictures up yet, but just imagine what new ones look like and you'll know. I can get pics soon, but wanted to put up this ad up asap. Willing to ship to lower 48 for $55 all in. Paid $110 new.
  11. Candurin - I'll give this a shot, I haven't ordered it yet as I'm waiting to see if the distance is ok with the OEM fob. On a side note - does anyone know how to get rid of all the stupid questions I answered in my profile which now show up under my profile pic and make my threads annoyingly long? I tried to go back and leave the questions blank, but thats not an option.
  12. Sorry to ask this if its already been asked, but has anyone been able to program a long range fob to their system? The long range fobs aren't keys, they are just fobs. Was wondering what the process was for this. Thanks in advance. I've got the 100 series kit in my car
  13. can0n4

    Snow/Ice Experience? Tire Input?

    I ran Blizzaks on my wife's edge and scorpions on my edge last winter. Night and day difference, almost like two totally different vehicles. Needless to say as soon as I could I bought Blizzaks for mine.