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  1. Any update on this? I have the same issue.
  2. Hello all, Anybody hear of a MFT software update occuring anyime soon? Just curious as I cannot seem to find anything referring to future plans for another update.
  3. cbrescia

    Navigation SD Card

    Ahh. that is what i was afraid of. Yeah would be nice if it was that easy. Oh well. Scratch that idea. WAZE from my phone works perfectly fine, just thought i'd try and get the most out of MyFordTouch. Thanks for the fast replies.
  4. Hi Everyone. So i own a 2011 Ford Edge Limited AWD with MyFordTouch however i do NOT have the Navigation installed / SD card. I found that you can actually buy the Navigation SD card on Ebay for fairly inexpensive. I have a few questions: is "A4" the latest version of the Nav Software? What is the difference between A3 and A4? Do i need to first by version 1A or can i just buy the latest version and install it (reminder, i have no navigation software currently installed) If i buy the Nav SD card from Ebay do i simply just input the SD card in the SD slot and it will start working? Anything you all can share will be highly appreciated.
  5. Thanks tmbubell, sounds pretty simple but apparently my dealership cannot figure this out. I tried to tell them that other people has similar issues and that all that needs to be done is a hotline call to Ford for an RCV Reconfiguration and supposedly they already tried that. I had my car at the dealer all day yestreday for them to just replace the APIM which of course did not bring back my gridlines!!! so frustrating. i took my car back and might literally just keep it without the gridlines at this point. Why is this so difficult!!
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    When car is set to Bluetooth and you are not hearing anything, First try pressing "play" from your phone. Assuming you are playing from your phone music library. can do the same with Pandora. Start it from the phone. if it doesn't play through the car then Try simply restarting the phone. I had the same problem. re-booted my phone then worked perfectly fine.
  7. cbrescia

    Sync Subscription worth it?

    Well now that answers my question. Ha. Thanks Juscruzn! Yeah definitly NOT signing up for the subscription based on this. The MFT without the SYnc "subscription" is just fine for me. I will stick with my Garmin and iPhone for Nav.
  8. Ok folks. So I had my rear camera replaced and Now I don't have the rear camera guidelines showing on the screen. I checked the settings and they are set to ON to show guidelines. I did some searching on some other Ford Forums and found that several other people had this same issue when having a new camera installed. Please note: My old camera showed the guidelines perfectly fine and all of the settings are properly set to "ON". In searching the F150 and Explorer forums some people have noted that the SSM for this is SSM 22105. The dealer may need to do a RCV configuration after the camera replace. If they don't then you will not be able to function the girdlines. Does this make sense to any of you? Any idea if this RCV config can be done without having to go back to the dealer?
  9. So i recently bought a used 2011 Edge Limited in which the back-up camera was very foggy at time of purchase. The salesman and quick lane tech advised they would have it checked out. After looking into it, They determined it was best if they just replace the camera as they couldn't get the blurriness to disappear. So i then went back to the dealership to have the camera replaced. I thought all was good until i noticed as i was leaving the camera was perfectly clear but the rear driver assistance sensors / green, yellow, red grids were not displaying on the screen and the beeping noise wasn't happening either when you back up to close to something. So i went right back to the dealer and they said they would take a quick look. All of the camera setting were on by the way. 2 hours later they determine that when they added the new camera something wasn't syncing up properly and now they have to order some new part to upgrade my entire Sync service or something. Prior to this i have the most up to date software, everything was perfectly fine minus the blurry camera. I only decided to have the camera replaced because they offered to do so. i figured why not. would be great to have a brand new clear camera. My question is, has any of you had a similar problem? Any idea why replacing the camera would now require a new system upgrade to make the backup camera system work properly???? they told me the 2011 had a recall on the system and if people didn't bring their vehicles in and upgrade the system then problems like this would occur. Does this make any sense to any of you??? Just looking for some peace of mind as i wait for this mysterious "upgrade" part to arrive so i can bring my car back to get fixed!
  10. Disagree. Ride is smooth, quiet cabin and MyFord Touch has given me no problems. I love the Sync System, its easy to use and i have no idea why people complain about it. I'm assuming it those who are technologically challenged and feel the need to blame the technology for their lack of knowledge.
  11. cbrescia

    Sync Subscription worth it?

    thanks for the response. Yeah i think i will just stick with my phone.. Waze and Google seem to be the way to go. doesn't seem like there is much benefit of adding the paid Sync Subscription. i will also try the free option you recommended. Thanks!
  12. I just bought a used 2011 Edge and the Sync Services Subscription has expired so i would need to pay the $60 annual fee to reactivate. My question is, i was wondering if the Sync Services is worth having? I would probably only use the turn by turn directions. Is it a decent option for a GPS service? or would i be better off not renewing and just using a regular GPS or my phone?
  13. I'm sure many of you are wondering the same thing and this has probably been discussed already but is there no custom / aftermarket grilles available for 2011 and newer Edge? I cannot find anything? Does anyone have any suggestions or custom grilles for their Edge???? not a huge fan of the stock chrome grille on my Limited and i do not want to go body color either. If i can't find aftertmarket i may just plasti-dip it black.