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  1. I just got the same diagnosis on my wifes 13, but the quote was $2,000! Told him no way, I would trade and get rid of. I had first brought this pedal to the floor to them back in Dec 19, when the car was under ESP. Service writer is "looking into what can be done to assist at this point!" since there is a paper tray via emails. I dont understand why there was now ABS light?
  2. Final reduction: $580 shipped US only for good one.
  3. Original pristine rim educed to $625 includes shipping USA only. I also have one with minor damage if anyone is interested for $350 shipped USA only. Thanks
  4. Its fairly obvious! Yes I am offended. Its none of your business nor anyone else's for that matter. Its a matter of supply and demand. If someone does not like my price, that is fine! Shoot me an offer, I can accept it or deny it! What is not acceptable, is for you and others to brow beat me with your "its to high" posts for others to read like I am doing something wrong! These things sell for over 900 dollars new! One thing is certain, this for sale thread is tainted now! Thanks!
  5. edc

    20" Rims and Tires

    Just an FYI, there are folks here that are going to try and beat you up on your pricing!
  6. So one guy gave away $4K worth of new rims and you want me to lower my price? If there were maybe 2 or 3 or 4 examples of this, I would buy it! This guy gave away $4K worth of rims for $800 bucks, he made a huge mistake. He must have really wanted to sell them or has more money than he needs! http://www.fordedgeforum.com/topic/14215-20-rims-and-tires/ Thanks
  7. Please show me those post(s)? Because I looked around prior to replacing my wife's 2013, limited rims and could not find an unblemished set for that kind of money or any singles for that matter. Had they been available, I would have bought them instead of aftermarkets. Waiting your response.
  8. Reduced to $675, will now consider sale within US only. Shipping fee to be determined, lets talk!
  9. edc

    20" Chrome Clad Wheels for 2013 SEL

    I have 1 for sale off of a 2013 Limited, see the classified section. Make me a real offer! Lets talk!
  10. Thanks for the kind words! Great forum!
  11. Have one for sale Houston Texas area. Would like to try and sell without shipping for $750 Cash. Wheel is approximately 1 year and 5 months old and is in very good to excellent for a used wheel. Reasonable offers will be reviewed, but not guaranteed to be accepted. There is no damage to the chrome clad. No tire sensor or tire. Only 1 available. Will consider shipping later if the local attempt fails, so please contact me anyway and I will list you. If I ship, it will be USA only. Thanks