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  1. mindreeze

    Location of 02 sensors

    I sent some pics maybe you can help me out
  2. mindreeze

    Location of 02 sensors

    I managed to find some pictures of the catalyst monitor sensor. Now I wrote in what I believe are the sensor bank and sensor. Please correct me if I'm wrong
  3. mindreeze

    Location of 02 sensors

    Well I have been having some O2 sensor problems and wanted to see mainly where could I find bank 2 sensor 2 oxygen sensor and was wondering if there is any schematic where it can point out all the sensors within the system.
  4. mindreeze

    2011 edge limited missfire

    what is a CAT
  5. mindreeze

    Repair manuals

    Hi im in search for 2010 ford edge repair manual and wanted to know where can i get one. maybe a torrent website.... just can't afford it on ebay or anywhere else please guys.....thanks
  6. Im trying to see if it were possible to upgrade from a "manual" console to a "digital" ac console and wanted to know if any has done this. Im conscious that more parts will be needed to make this work which is not a problem. ... hope that I can perform this... any links, videos, forums would be a great help thnks