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  1. I went to sync.. No updates.. They had me delete and re pair my phone.. I can send the template texts and people can receive, but it does not go to my phone and the screen on the since, says error. The text people get via vehicle, says it was sent from my ford. Weird...
  2. Can, thanks. This issue was that it worked at one time. I will try your suggestion. Thanks.
  3. I plasti dipped the chrome front end. Please see the photos. Came out great!! My son and I took about two hours and three cans. I have some pointers: wash the front end (we used purple power) and a soft brush, let dry (we used a leaf blower) and after all tape, paper and plastic where in place, we wiped down the to be painted areas with rubbing alcohol using a lint free cloth, take your time and follow the directions on the can, cover at least half of the vehicle with plastic, before removing the tape, cut along the edges with a razor blade, use painters tape, cover anything you do not want covered. We found that covering the plastic inserts between the grill was a great idea. Good luck!
  4. Candurin, Update.... Not sure on the SYNC-How do I check that?? Dealer was no help! Phone yes, on the update- HTC One via Sprint.
  5. I bought a new 2013 SE Edge. The dealer is terrible on helping post sale, so I am turning again to this forum for help. I was not able to afford the bells and whistles, so I do not have MFT. I am able to connect my phone via blue tooth and talk via the vehicle. I purchased the SE in 3/2014 and I was able to send text template responses via SYNC. I can receive a text and the computer reads it aloud, but I cannot send responses any more via SYNC. Any suggestions?
  6. Thank you for the reply... Here goes nothing! Off to Homedepot..
  7. Wizard, Thank you! I was able to get a system which is automatic and I can wire the lights to turn on/off with the ignition. The whole set (lights included) only ran me $75.00. I am not sure I was going for the actual DRL, since my pocket book was setting the pace of my install. The Edge 2 are very expensive and I can put that on my wish list. Maybe if they have a sale, I could justify the added expense since I have already spent 75.00. You have been very helpful, thanks for taking the time to respond! Happy Edging!! PS Does any one want to buy OEM side marker lamps?
  8. BD.. Thanks you make a great point about cost. Did you do anything to prep the wheels? I read plenty of stories of plasti dip simply coming off.
  9. Looking to change the front chrome grill to black. I have read about plasti dip and vinyl. I saw that ford sells primed inserts, also. I live in Northern CA, so weather is not a real issue. I have read the pros and cons of each, but nothing about the application and long term results. Please share your thoughts on which direction I should go. Thanks!!
  10. Hello, This question should be an easy one. I was able to get a hold of some OEM fog/turning. FoMo part numbers BT43-13B220-A & BT43-13B221-A. The dealer was going to give me a wiring diagram, but when I went to get it, I was given the run around. The question is can these lights be used as DRLS? The dealer wants to charge me 130.00 to enable my DRL feature, but I have an SE and I am not sure that is even doable and I am not sure what a fog light is. There are plenty of after market LED wiring harness' w/auto control. Does any one know if the lights and an after market DRL control will do what I want? THANKS!!
  11. Thank you! I have the same set-up. OEM with the two wire pig tails... Thank you for explaining this. I have posted this question all over. The price of the after market was too rich for my blood. The dealer gave me a great price on the OEM, but told me he would e-mail the wiring diagram, which he has not done! This forum is a great place for information.
  12. Hello, I have a set of OEM DRL with a two wire (black & yellow) pig tail attached. I was going to start the install, but everyone is talking about an after market set, with a lot of bells and whistles. I am not sure what to do. Could anyone help me with what appears to be a simple install? What do I do with these two wires and when will these lights come on? THANKS!!
  13. I am looking to install OEM daytime running lights on my edge. The part comes with a two wire pig tail. Is this a DIY install? What additional parts needed to install this item? Does the dealer need to activate this? Are the DRL on even when the headlights are on? Please offer any assistance. Thank you!
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