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  1. Just noticed a air filter thread in the Mods. folder, so if the moderator wants to take this down, I'm fine with that. K&N says their CAI makes 5+ horsepower and an increase in mileage. Has anyone here installed one?
  2. I love my Edge, and like the MFT and most of it's features and find it easy to work, but the hands free, voice commands are non-intuative if you learned to speak english in the US the last 50 years. That and the Navigation library is very limited compared to my tiny stand-alone $150 Garmin. It is all up to date, but can't find a lot of POI's by name, and sometimes it has a real problem finding street names too. It sometimes works better typing in your POI, but most times if it can't find in using voice, it isn't in the system. When traveling with my wife, she looks up the address on her cell phone, then we try and enter the address using voice commands, kind of a PITA. If I'm alone, I have to stop and do the same. I do find it to work very well once you have the destination set, and setting by entering an address before you start driving is sometimes the only, not just the best way of setting it. Does anyone else find the Ford Voice Activated Navigation lacking, or am I the only one?
  3. Stayed with the same size, just wanted some lighter better looking rims and someone on the forum bought my stockers which made it half as much $. BEFORES AFTERS
  4. Got a 2013 SEL FWD 2.0L EcoBoost in Ruby Red with 205A, Appearance Package, Vision Package, BAMR, NAV. Got a great deal on the 2013, buying it in July of 2014, including 0% financing for 72 months. It has almost everything the Limited has except less chrome and a body color grill. We call her Cheri and the ruby red paint is really gorgeous. My wife didn't want black leather seats due to legs sticking to them in summer, so the Stone inset Black leather on the Appearance Pack fit the bill perfectly. It also came with 20" wheels, I have since sold and replaced with TSW Nurburgring 20"x 9.5" using the stock Pirelli tires. The EcoBoost has great power but the mileage is a little disappointing, almost the same as the V6, especially around town. I love the BLIS and Rear Camera, my wife and German Shepherd Dog love the BAMR. The dog has taken over the back seat and love the A/C outlet back there. She was a major reason we bought the Edge in the first place. I have added a receiver hitch for our bike rack and small boat trailer. We have been on many weekender trips both with and without the dog, and this car just fits us. It has plenty of room for us up front, the dog in the middle and our stuff in the back. If I had to buy another vehicle to replace Cheri, I would get the same configuration except think hard about getting the V6. Not convinced the EB is worth the extra thousand bucks yet.
  5. traxiii

    Rim Suggestions

    America's Tire has the same feature with some different brands of wheels. I went with them because the had a descent price on TSW wheels and have a store close to where I live. If you buy from Tire Rack, they have a list of shops nearby where you live, that the wheels can be shipped to directly and installed. Either way it works pretty good, I've bought from both.
  6. They checked it, along with it's 7500 mile service and either way it's OK. They didn't say if it had the problem and fixed it, or if it wasn't actually a problem. Either way, everyone should apply your parking brake when parked as with any front wheel drive car with an open diff. if one side lets go without the e-brake on, it's off to the races with nothing to stop it if you're not there.
  7. traxiii

    2012 Ford Edge EcoBoost Poor Gas Mileage

    I'm at 7000 miles on the clock so far and I wish I could get 22 around town, lucky to get 20, though my highway milage is picking up a little, got 25.5 mpg on a 300 mile run @ 75 mph. There just aren't many places to run 50 to 60 mph for any length of time. It's either bumper to bumper or 70, or both. Long trips usually on Interstate 5 with 70 mph speed limit and traffic flowing at 75+ One thing I can't complain about is the power, it does get up and go for such a large vehicle.
  8. traxiii

    Thoughs on second set of rims for winter??

    It's funny, I just looked on tirerack and another tire/wheel site and you can't buy a steel wheel or one less than $115 ea. How about looking at the bone yard for some stockers?
  9. traxiii

    20" vs. 22" upgrade opinions

    TSW Nurburgring 20"x 8.5" = 23 lbs. pretty much the lightest 20" wheel you'll find, but they aren't cheap, and I have no idea if you'll get your 2 mpg out of them. I love mine, but haven't driven much other than around town to see mileage gains.
  10. traxiii

    Named your Edge?

    She is painted ruby red, but we call her Cheri
  11. traxiii

    Swapped Apperence Pack wheels for TSW's

    If you have the AP wheels like I did, post them for sale here and you'll be half way there, there is a pretty big demand for them. Otherwise, yeah, it's a big chunck of change, especially if you're having to buy new tires too because you're changing whell diameters. Looking at close to $2K, though the 18 inch TSW Snettertons are $215 look similar and you could reuse your stock tires if that's what you've got. Check them all out on the Americas Tire website (what I did), it's pretty cool to look through and they have a "view on your car" thing like tirerack, but carry the TSW wheels tirerack doesn't.
  12. traxiii

    Swapped Apperence Pack wheels for TSW's

    They are TSW NURBURGRING 20"x 8.5" Gunmetal w/Mirror Cut. Tires are stock P245/50R20 Pirelli Scorpions that came with the Appearance Package. The TSW's weigh 24lbs. and the stockers weighed in at 37.5lbs., a bigger difference than I thought, though the Fords are pretty much the same weight as most cast aluminum aftermarket 20 inch wheels. They are pretty pricey, but after I sold the stock wheels it wasn't so bad. Very happy so far, noticing a bit more pep off the line and looks like mpg is going to pick up a bit too, and I think they look awesome!
  13. traxiii

    What Color (Colour) is your Ford Edge or MKX?

    Ruby Red Not on your list.
  14. traxiii

    2013 Ford Edge Limited Wheel/Tire advice

    To everyone that has sent me emails about my wheels,thanks for your interest, but I have a guy who is buying them and a backup if that guy falls through. I guess I should have put them up for bid. Thanks.
  15. traxiii

    2013 Ford Edge Limited Wheel/Tire advice

    Wanna buy my Appearance package 20" wheels? I really like them, they're not fake, and you could just swap over your tires and TPS. They are the bottom left wheels in the pic below. email me if interested: traxiii@yahoo.com
  16. I'm, at 2 months and 4200 miles with an average of about 21 mpg in mixed city/highway and a 15 mile one way commute. Best tank so far is 24mpg on a trip from S.F. to L.A. cruising at 75+mph. Each tank seems to get slightly better, but around town driving really kills the average, it is not designed for short little hops, (it would make a horrible pizza delivery truck).
  17. traxiii

    Changing Tastes

    You have the same model I bought 2 months ago, mainly as a compromise with my wife. She wanted the BAMR and heated seats that weren't black, I wanted anything but a chrome grill and black seats with the ecoboost. What we found was an ecoboost Ruby Red SEL with the Appearance Package with every option but the adaptive cruise control. We both LOVE the seats that are black and aren't black. The stone center section makes them much more comfortable in the heat. I don't normally like moon roofs, but the BAMR is great, and our German Shepherd Dog loves it. The wheels look OK and I really like the body color grill and lack of chrome. I just need to figure out how to get rid of the one piece in the hood. Yes, the Ruby Red just "POPS" and are few and far between. We see more Sports in RR with the black grill than all the other models together. The only thing I'm not thrilled with is the 21mpg I've been averaging in mixed driving. It gets about 18 in the city and 24 on the highway, though I haven't been able to get it out on a long flat stretch of highway yet to see where it will max out. All our trips have been under 100 miles and or on very hilly stretches. Over all I rate it an 8.5 out of 10, and if the milage picks up that should improve.
  18. traxiii

    Replacing 22" Pirellis HELP

    I've heard lots of good things about the Continentals, just sayin'
  19. traxiii

    2012 Ford Edge EcoBoost Poor Gas Mileage

    That's what I thought too. You can't tell when sitting still looking from in front of the grill. Not really sure which openings get closed. Pretty impressed with floor pan, they finally sealed it up pretty good.
  20. Purchased a New 2013 Ruby Red Edge SEL with 205A, Appearance Pack, Vision Pack, Vista Roof and 2.0L EcoBoost. Love the look of the painted grill and 20" black wheels. The EcoBoost runs great with lots of power. My wife and I both love the Rear Camera and Panorama Roof. Our German Shepherd loves the rear A/C vent and all the space in the back. Got it on the X-Plan and it had cash and 0% financing to boot. Feeling really good about our purchase, so far. The guys at Sunrise Ford of North Hollywood have been great so far too.
  21. traxiii

    2012 Ford Edge EcoBoost Poor Gas Mileage

    Mine has 1450 on the Odo, and so far I'm getting high 19s around town/short commute. I drive 13 miles each way, only half of which is freeway, so I consider it all city driving. I've been having some fun with an add-on ScanGauge watching real time temps. and MAP. I've seen a maximum of 31psia (thats 16.3psi of boost) which is higher than I expected. I'm also surprised by the speed of coolant warmup. It's close to 150deg. by the end of my block after having backed out of the driveway, and up to 200deg. a couple blocks later.
  22. traxiii

    Power tailgate

    Mine does only right before it starts closing, three chimes and it starts moving after the second.
  23. traxiii

    Adding Accessories

    I think you might be out of luck on those, but check with the dealer. Those items are all major upgrades that require different dash pieces, trim parts, and wiring harnesses. The best time to get them is when they are in packages factory installed. I am glad to have purchased navigation, and the power lift-gate, but a Garmin or other GPS is probably better than the Ford navigation unit. I do know you can get the ambient lighting kit, cargo cover, gas locking plug and a few others, but as you say, those options aren't.
  24. traxiii

    2012 Ford Edge EcoBoost Poor Gas Mileage

    First trip L.A. to San Jose taking Hwy 101 up the coast and I got 24.6mpg after topping off before and refueling after, both using the trickle method. I got about 1.5 gals added, both times after the first kick-off of the pump. One of the pumps didn't like going slow, it was kind of on or off, one speed, so the top off before the run might not have been filled completely. Feeling pretty good about the refueling as I put 16.5 gallons and hadn't seen a Low Fuel warning. The Hwy 101 is lots of rolling hills along with two or three, descent little climbs, so I'm looking forward to seeing what see does next time on Interstate 5 which is mostly flat once you get to the Central Valley.