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  1. mrmikesdeuce

    Speedometer question

    Thank you for the reply and the table. I agree that a taller tire is better in snow. I bought these tires in 2014, and my Edge is the third vehicle I have used them on so far. I'm retired so if there is too much snow, I just stay home!
  2. mrmikesdeuce

    Speedometer question

    When I bought my '19 Edge Titanium, I specifically ordered the 18" wheels and tires on it. I did this because I already had 18' Mag wheels, and 4 18" snow tires from my previous vehicle ('17 MKC). I installed the factory tires on the mag wheels for summer use, and the snows on the factory rims for winter. I just mounted the snows for this year, and realized I had different sized tires. My factory summer tires are 235/60R18, while my snow tires are 235/50R18. The snows are several inches lower than the factory tires. I already ran these tires last year with no problems, but now I'm wondering if my speedometer reading is off, and if so by how much.
  3. I'm a 76 year old DIY'er, and it's oil change time again for my '19 Edge Titanium 2.0. I recently bought my wife a '20 Ecosport Titanium, and noticed it doesn't have the underside splash shield. Well my Edge has that splash shield , and to me it's a pain in the neck. What are the pros and cons of just leaving the splash shield off the vehicle this time after I change my oil and filter?
  4. For you DIYERS Mobil 1 has a great oil rebate program going on right now. It expires on Sept 30 , so you better act fast.
  5. I have a '19 Titanium. I want to change the visor mirror lights over to LEDS. Problem is I don't know how to pop the plastic covers off to access the bulbs. Has anyone taken these lenses off? If so what's the trick?
  6. mrmikesdeuce

    What have you done to/with your Edge/MKX today?

    Finally got the summer wheels and tires mounted. Also got the a flat black vinyl hood detail done.
  7. mrmikesdeuce

    mrmikesdeuce '19 Titanium

  8. mrmikesdeuce

    oil change

    I had a '14 Escape Titanium 2.0 before my Edge. If you go to the Escape forum you will find a oriental company that made a hard plastic shield for the 2.0 Escape. They come with little removeable doors to access the oil drain and oil filter. I never bought one, but people in the Escape forum did, and were happy with their purchase. If you can research this company, perhaps they might have a shield available for the 2.0 Edge.
  9. I'm thinking about getting a set of Weathertech side window deflectors for my '19 Titanium. Any pros or cons on this product?
  10. mrmikesdeuce

    Still like my '19 Titanium... BUT...

    Claude Please report back on those "performance tunes". I may be 75 years old, but would still like to have more power.
  11. I traded a '17 Lincoln MKC last February for my '19 Edge Titanium. Frankly I wanted a new Lincoln Nautilus, but couldn't justify the price tag. I would have liked the Edge ST, but it was not available equipped as I wanted. I did not want 20" or 21" wheels (especially black). I already had 17" verde chrome mags, and 4 17" snow tires I used on my Lincoln. I ordered my Titanium with optional '17 wheels and everything fits nicely. I also didn't want a black interior so I got Ceramic leather on my Titanium. Lastly I didn't want a trailer hitch. Overall I'm pretty happy with my Titanium, but miss the power of my 2.3 (285hp) Lincoln MKC.
  12. mrmikesdeuce

    Still like my '19 Titanium... BUT...

    I agree 100% Claude. I love my '19 Titanium also, but would like more power. I didn't get the ST for the same reasons. I didn't want 20" Black rims, black interior, or the trailer hitch. My Titanium rides better than my '17 Lincoln MKC, but I miss the power of the 2.3 (285HP) of the Lincoln. I also miss the Brown interior, but settled for the Ceramic perforated leather on my Titanium.
  13. mrmikesdeuce

    Mirror replacement

    Thank you for this info. My mechanic apparently was wrong, and I can buy just the part I need. So far the Gorilla glue gel is holding, but if need be, I can just buy the part I need.
  14. mrmikesdeuce

    Mirror replacement

    Thanks for that info. I was just wondering why they don't sell just the mirror assembly? All you have to do is unplug several wires, and you could change it out. I glued it in place with Gorilla Super Glue Gel, and so far it's working. If it fails, I'll take a hammer to the mirror itself, pay my $100.00 deductible, and let insurance and a body shop put a new one on.
  15. I own a '19 Edge Titanium. While taking the garbage out last week, I bumped the drivers side mirror with my body. No apparent damage. Several days later I noticed my mirror vibrating while driving. When I got home the mirror could be pulled out and only the wires were holding it. I tried to put it back in place, but I believe the small plastic tabs on the bottom were broken. The mirror could be easily removed simply by unplugging the wires, but my mechanic told me the mirror could not be purchased separately. He said you have to but the entire assembly, and get it painted to match the vehicle. Is this true, and if so could the mirror be glued back in place?