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  1. I just traded my '19 Edge Titanium in on a new '23 Bronco Sport. I have the K & N filter (33-5000) that I took out of it. It has about 15000 miles on it. I'll give it to anyone who will pay the shipping to get it. Contact me with your address, and I'll get a price.
  2. The air conditioner compressor on my '19 Edge Titanium quit working. At the time the original warranty period had been up for several months. The vehicle only had 15,000 miles on it. I took it to a Ford dealer and ended up with a $1200 bill. I contacted Ford about it because of the low vehicle mileage. After several discussions, Ford sent me a debit card for $800+ to help pay for the compressor. I just want to thank Ford for stepping up to the plate and covering part of my bill. Now if they could just get my new Bronco Sport built a little quicker!
  3. Installed and sounds great!
  4. mrmikesdeuce

    Oil Question

    I currently own a '19 Edge 2.0, and a '20 Ecosport 2.0. The Edge calls for 5W-30 oil while the Ecosport calls for 5W-20. I use all Mobil 1 full synthetic oil. The question is whether the 2 different viscosities could be interchanged. My wife bought oil for me the change her Ecosport and bought 5W-30 by mistake. Can I use this in her Ecosport without doing any damage?
  5. mrmikesdeuce

    point of contact

    Got a phone number for Ford but got no satisfaction from them. If an air compressor can go with just 15,000 miles, then what's next. After owning 11 new Ford and Lincolns since 1985 maybe it's time to try another brand.
  6. mrmikesdeuce

    point of contact

    I have a 2019 Edge Titanium with 15,000 miles on it. My warranty ran out on May the 2nd. On June 15 my air conditioner compressor broke, and it's about $1000 to repair. Is there someone at Ford I can talk to about getting some financial restitution for this?.
  7. mrmikesdeuce

    Air conditioner question

    Thank you for that tip, but no luck. The fuse was good. My air conditioner has never been charged so I'm hoping it may just be low on refrigerant. I'll take it to a shop today to find out!
  8. I have a 2019 Edge Titanium 2.0 liter. It only has 15000 miles on it. Drove it to lunch and air worked fine. Car sat for about 11/2 hours. Started car to go home and got nothing but hot air. Would low charge act up all at once, or could there be another problem.
  9. mrmikesdeuce

    Iridium spark plugs

    Iridium spark plugs. Do they make any difference in performance or mileage? Has anyone tried them ?
  10. mrmikesdeuce

    What have you done to/with your Edge/MKX today?

    Took the panel off. Driving down interstate was getting a strange noise.. If you take this panel off, be sure to re attach the front of the panel behind it. I didn't and it was flopping in the breeze. Luckily I did no damage. So far so good! otherwise!
  11. mrmikesdeuce

    What have you done to/with your Edge/MKX today?

    Just routine stuff. Oil and filter change. Also changed the cabin air filter. Got a question for you, folks. As a do-it-yourselfer I'm getting tired of taking the underbody pan off to get at the drain plug and filter. Will it harm anything if I just leave it off this time?
  12. I remember reading somewhere that you could open both front windows with your key fob. Sitting in the lot all day with closed windows makes for a oven inside the car. Is their a way to remotely open your windows ahead of time with the key fob?
  13. I have a '19 Edge Titanium. When I got out of the car last night, I had no dome lights front or rear. Are these lights on a separate fuse or could I have a bad switch somewhere? Thank you Omar! My wife hit that button when she put her sun glasses away. Problem solved!
  14. My stepson just purchased a certified used BMW. The dealer told him it is a good idea to lock the vehicle even if is in your garage. Supposedly locking the BMW is the only way some of the electronics go to sleep. The dealer told my son that his battery could eventually be affected by this if the vehicle is not locked. Has anyone heard anything about this as far as a Ford Edge or Ecosport???
  15. I have 2 questions about my '19 Edge Titanium. 1. If the wipers are on, the automatic headlights turn on. Does this mean the taillights are on also? 2. I have adaptive cruise control. If a vehicle in front of me slows down quickly, the cruise will automatically slow down my vehicle. The question is whether it activates my brake lights to warn the vehicle behind me to slow down?