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  1. mrmikesdeuce

    Possible 2022 Edge ST News

    Dam! I'm 75 years old and thought my '19 Titanium would be the last new car I would buy. That 400hp figure would make me reconsider.
  2. mrmikesdeuce

    Rear sway bar?

    I own a '19 Edge Titanium. I only have the 2.0 motor, but would like to upgrade the suspension. I would like to start with a rear sway bar and maybe a front strut tower brace. Does anyone know of a bolt on rear sway bar kit that will fit my vehicle?
  3. mrmikesdeuce

    2015 with 18s" Time for Tires

    Go to the Tire-Rack site online. They compare different brands, and have customer reviews.
  4. mrmikesdeuce

    Livernois ST Tune

    Jamie I live south of you in Syracuse and I'm just curious where is the dragstrip up your way. We have ESTA in our area, but I wasn't aware of any tracks up in Watertown.
  5. mrmikesdeuce

    Edge ST MPG

    Just for comparison purposes. I have a '19 Titanium 2.0. I only have about 1100 miles on it right now. I run 93 octane fuel, and I'm 75 years old and drive accordingly. I check my mileage the old fashioned way without any computer. So far I've filled up 4 times. First time 18.8mpg, second 19.2mpg, third 20.9, and fourth 23.3 (a little more highway). Now that I have 1000 miles on it, I am changing over to Mobil 1 full synthetic oil and installing a K & N air filter. I'll continue to keep track, and see where I end up.
  6. mrmikesdeuce

    What have you done to/with your Edge/MKX today?

    Finally turned 1000 miles today, so I changed over to Mobil 1 full synthetic oil, and installed a K & N air filter.
  7. mrmikesdeuce

    Paint color wheel hub

    On my Titanium I painted the calipers and the hubs with a flat black rustoleum. I have chrome wheels and it gives more contrast with them. You can paint those hubs any color you want to.
  8. mrmikesdeuce

    Is a tune really worth it?

    I have a '19 Titanium with the 2.0. I run 93 octane fuel to get the variable timing advanced, and I drive in sport mode all the time to get better shifting. I also have a K & N drop in air filter. Will a tune give me that much better performance to make it worth the investment ??? PS I didn't get the ST because I hate black interiors, and I didn't want 20" wheels or a trailer hitch.
  9. I've changed out just about every bulb on my '14 Escape Titanium, several on my '17 MKC, and now the license plate bulbs on my '19 Edge Titanium. I have always bought my bulbs from SuperBrite or VLEDS. They both have quality bulbs, and I never have had any problems with them.
  10. In my wife's '11 Escape Limited, I ran the gamut of Sylvania bulbs. First I got Silverstars, then Silverstar Ultras, then Sylvania ZXE's, and now Sylvania ZXE Gold's. In my opinion the ZXE's were the best option. They weren't the real bright white I wanted, but were a vast improvement over the stock halogens.
  11. mrmikesdeuce

    Will the ST interior come in Ceramic?

    I traded a '17 Lincoln MKC in because I wanted a little more room. I ended up with my '19 Edge Titanium with a MSRP of $45,985.00. The new Lincoln Nautilus equipped would have been about $60,000.00. Unfortunately I had to settle for the Titanium. I really wanted the ST, but did not want 20" wheels, black interior, or a trailer hitch. I have the Ceramic interior, and would have bought a ST if the Ceramic interior was available. So far the 2.0 is adequate, but the 2.7 would have made it better.
  12. mrmikesdeuce

    Top 3 MUST HAVE mods (Sport 15-18)

    My '19 Titanium is only the 2.0, so I lean toward cosmetic changes. 1. Custom Wheels (done) 2. Tinted windows (Done 35%) 3. Probably a tune eventually
  13. mrmikesdeuce

    Caliper Covers - Color Opinions Wanted!

    Off subject but I wanted to comment on your hood. I'm thinking of doing the same thing to mine ala some of the jeeps I see. Think it looks good, and sets your ST apart from the crowd!
  14. mrmikesdeuce

    Air Filter

    80K sounds pretty high. It all depends on the type of roads you travel. If in doubt, check it yourself. Just take out your filter and hold a light behind it. If you can see the light through the filter, then air can flow. If the light is blocked it's probably time to change your filter.
  15. mrmikesdeuce

    Cone filter/Cold Air intake

    Supposedly it does give you a few extra horses. I have noticed a little better throttle response and more turbo noise. Some folks claim a mileage increase, but I never checked mine.