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  1. Camshaft

    CD Error

    same issue here. I believe the unit is dead as for CD's. At least there is bluetooth
  2. Camshaft

    Transmission Temperature Gauge??

    Still looking for an app that samirmta used...
  3. Camshaft

    CD Error

    When I hit the CD button on the player (Not Navi) it displays CD error. It will not eject CD's, or accept them. I figure the deck is done or jammed? Anyone else had this issue?
  4. You need to get a scanner and read the abs/traction control codes to give you an idea of what may be happening.
  5. Camshaft

    PTU seal replacement - timeline

    3000Kms and PTU still dry.
  6. Camshaft

    Temperature issues

    Please elaborate. Is your A/C becoming warm, or the warm defrost being too cold?
  7. Camshaft

    black box behind rear view mirror

    I am guessing it just the cover for the mirror harness. The mirror before build date Nov 29/2009 contains a microphone for sync/bluetooth. The rest of the wires are for the compass and auto dimming feature
  8. Camshaft

    How does Cooling Fans Module Work?

    If you have to tow package, you have two outputs to the fans. I have looked into the service manual and cannot find anything regarding the tow package fans. So, if don't have the tow package and one fan is not working, then you have a bad fan most likely.
  9. Camshaft

    Fuel Pump Replacement

    Have the fuel at 3/4 of a tank or less. Remove the rear seat and access cover. You need a special wrench or something to remove the lock nut on the fuel pump module. Lift out carefully and remove the fuel jumper tube on the inside.(AWD models) Then voila. So pretty easy if you have the right tools.
  10. Camshaft

    FACTORY service manual

    Yeah, got one off ebay. First one didn't work, so sending it back. Got a 09-10 edge factory service manual. I prefer them, because they give you proper DTC trees.
  11. Camshaft

    2008 Edge Transmission jerks when shifting

    Any fault codes?
  12. Camshaft

    Chilton 2007-13 Ford Edge Manual available

    Just got the factory service manual for 09-10, which is basically the same as an 07-08. Works great. Lots of good info. http://www.ebay.com/itm/181544453007
  13. Camshaft

    PTU seal replacement - timeline

    It's not rocket science. Oil is oil. It has to be changed at some point, it can only absorb so many contaminates before the lubricity factor is null. You can easily suck it out with a 20$ oil pump. Most rear differentials don't have drains, does that mean you wouldn't change it if the dealer said you didn't have to? Just use some common sense!
  14. Camshaft

    FACTORY service manual

    Still looking for a factory service manual for the edge. Bought one off ebay, but it only includes the OBD diagnostics for a 2007 edge, and not the workshop manual. I will be returning it. Downloaded a torrent for 2007-8 ford manuals, and same thing. Does anyone have a copy or info on getting one? Thanks